Sunday, September 17, 2006

Life's too short to live in Lubbock...

That was my favorite t-shirt slogan that I saw yesterday at the TCU v Tech. I'm sure we all know that I'm happy right now, so I'll keep this short today with a quick recap.

The Good
We won. Duh!

The Bad
No touchdowns! How boring of a game is that? (Although I'd still like to interject here that we won. :) )

The Stupid
While driving to the game (it took me 1 hour to get to campus when it usually takes 15 minutes, by the way), I saw a guy scalping tickets at a gas station. He had the standard "I NEED TICKETS" sign that supposedly lets people know he has tickets without saying it, but then was standing in the back of his truck waving 4 tickets in the air. Way to be discreet, buddy!

And finally, one of the fun pictures floating around right now. Have a happy Sunday!


Ty said...

I learned a few things about Lubbock in my brief visits, and that was indeed one of them.

I'm sure you know the others too: Abilene is actually quite lovely . . . if you go through Lubbock first. Lubbock is actually one of the prettiest places in the world, at night . . . compared to what it looks like in the day-time. Finally, the builders in Lubbock worked really hard to get the appearance just right . . . it takes a lot of work to find bricks for 98% of the buildings that are uglier than the dirt.

Maggie said...

em did you see that TCU business school is ranked no. 1 in TX. way to go smartie...

No local college team to support said...

Great picture. Baylor was OK. Tech is great, even if there were no tocuhdowns.