Monday, September 24, 2007

I learned a fun new fact today...

Did you know that a vaccuum cleaner works much better if you actually use it?

I'm just saying...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another Day, Another $100....

Well, I did it! I bet $100 on black at the Bellagio (no Circus, Circus for me, Jonathan!) and WON!! Here's my proof of another thing crossed off THE List.

2. Bet $100 on black at a Roulette table in Vegas

P.S. My camera is broken and my parents were out of town too, so we have to deal with cell phone pictures for this trip. I was in the conference for most of the trip anyways, so not too much was picture-worthy.

My conference was in the MGM Grand Hotel. I really liked it there, but I never realized how BIG these hotels were! I realized on the third day that I entered this hotel on Monday and had not walked outside and breathed fresh air since. There is so much in one hotel that you could spend a 4 day vacation there, never leave, and never repeat activities, clubs, or restaurants (except gambling).

I was hanging out with customers in the evenings for the most part, so I didn't get to see any shows which was sad (I really wanted to see Ka in my hotel!), but I did get to go to a party in a penthouse on Tuesday night! It was awesome! View from the Penthouse balcony:Finally, I spent a LOT of time walking back and forth between the hotel part of MGM and the conference center which are seriously far apart. I decided that the designers of this particular hotel are cruel people....this is what you have to walk by every time you go to the conference center. Its like they're saying "Wouldn't you rather be HERE right now instead of sitting in a bunch of conference sessions?"
And with that, we end Emily's cell phone tour of the conference in Vegas. One of our sales guys, Rob, had a camera and took a couple of pictures, so I may try to get some of those and write some other stories soon. But for now I'm going to bed...3 days of VERY little sleep does NOT do a body good. :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm a TIME Travelin' Girl!

Tonight, I did something amazing....I spoke with somebody from the future. How did I do this you ask? At 9:02pm on September 16th, I found a conduit to the future through an amazing thing called a "Telephone" and spoke with people who were sitting in Singapore at 10:02am September 17th. The fun of doing global business. To steal a line from Chandler on Friends, "Listen, don't tell me what happens tomorrow...because I like to be surprised."

Okay, in all seriousness, I leave for Vegas tomorrow afternoon! The votes are in and I will be betting $100 on black in Roulette, so wish me luck. :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Random Thoughts by Emily

  • When I have kids I'm actually going to have to start getting up in the morning in time to have breakfast.
  • I'm very glad I'm nowhere near having kids for this reason.
  • Rent or buy?
  • I can't believe that I am going to wake up in Dallas tomorrow, go to bed in Dallas tomorrow, but be in Arizona in between the two.
  • I can't believe that I have to be at the airport at 6am tomorrow. Blah.
  • I hate it when my mom is out of town. I miss our evening commute phone conversations.
  • I love outdoorsy stuff - rock climbing, kayaking, camping, etc. I wish I was camping right now.
  • What makes the difference between a girl who loves outdoorsy stuff/sports and it makes the guys like her and a girl who loves outdoorsy stuff but it makes her too butch so those same guys don't like her?
  • Unfortunately/luckily I don't think I fall into either of those categories.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Call Me Unpatriotic...but...

I'm sure this is one of those posts that will get a lot of angry comments, but I really don't care.

I love my country as much as anyone, probably more than a lot of people. I think the tragedy that happened 6 years ago was horrible. But I also think that people are ridiculous for wanting to turn this day into a somber, bad occasion every year from here to eternity!

I'm not saying that we need to forget what happened, but by focusing on it in major ways year after year, we are letting the terrorists win again and again. They don't even have to do another attack - we attack ourselves every year on Sept. 11th!

Three comments in particular bugged me today. One in a CNN article about the memorial ceremony today, a family member saying she was okay with the memorial being at the park - "Just so long as we continue to do something special every year, so you don't wake up and say, 'Oh, it's 9/11.'" It is my hope that we CAN get to the point where we can just wake up and say "Oh, it's 9/11." THAT is when we will have won.

Another was a man that said he still weeps every day. Its been 6 years. I know you're still sad and it was terrible, but if you have let the terrorists absolutely stop your life for 6 years straight, they have won. Don't forget your loved ones, but they wouldn't want you dwelling on the bad every day of your life either!

And the missing icing on the absent birthday cake: a family who won't celebrate their twin daughters' birthday on the day they were actually born because they were born on September 11, 2001. They don't think it is "appropriate." Congratulations, you've just handed Osama Bin Laden a huge victory - you've let him actually move the birthday of your children.

Your thought is probably that I don't understand because I haven't experienced what it is like to go through that. And to that, I say, you are wrong. On September 15th, 1999, a man opened fire in a church where all of my friends were having a youth rally. I was on my way and turned around at the last minute, one of my good friends was shot in the head and was killed and another friend was shot in the back (she survived). 6 other people died as well and 7 others were injured. The first year after, we did a memorial service for those people which was very fitting, and every year I think about them on that day. But that day is also my best friend, Maggie's daughter's birthday, and I would never dream of asking them to move Maisy's birthday so I could wallow in self-pity all day long. I would never choose to not go to work or make a big deal about it or demand that everyone join in my suffering, because that is letting Larry Gene Ashbrook's terror live on. I simply say a prayer for Justin and the others and go on with my life, because that is what they would have wanted.

Good people die in senseless acts of terror every day, whether it be in a plane crashing into a building or a child who is caught in a drive-by shooting in Dallas, TX. Remember your loved ones, but don't stop your life. If you keep ripping open the same wound year after year, it will never heal. Keep moving on and although you will always miss those people, you will be able to go through that anniversery date without dwelling on it, and you will stop the terrorists in their tracks. That is the only way that the 'Good Guys' will win.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

To List, or Not To List

If you've read my blog for more than a week, you should know about THE List. Well now I have a dilemma. This is where the sensible side of me is arguing with the adventurous side that actually made THE List in the first place.

2. Bet $100 on Black at a Roulette table in Vegas

A week from tomorrow, I head out to Vegas for a week for a work conference (subject for another post: Getting paid to hang out in Vegas for a week - only slightly less awesome than Getting paid to hang out in Stockholm for a week). I don't know when I'm going to go back to Vegas. I'm pretty sure I will at some time in my life, but at the same time, with so many other things on THE List I'm sure it won't be a place that I rush back to. So now the question:

Do I take this opportunity to actually step out and do something that is not so easy on my list, or do I let my sensible side win out and not bet $100 on Black?

Its up to you. Leave your comment here and the majority vote will win. My fate is in your hands. :)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Labor Day "Turner Falls" Trip

Last weekend I went with a group of 10 people to Oklahoma for a camping trip. I call it the "Turner Falls" trip because that was what we called it...until we got there and decided not to actually go to Turner Falls. :)

We had a campsite at Buckhorn that was just so great - not too many people and our own private cove of the lake - that we decided to cancel our planned day trip to the falls which was supposedly incredibly crowded. We did go to Arbuckle Wilderness though which was great fun. And I discovered my new favorite sport - Kayaking! Two people brought kayaks and I had so much fun I wish I had an SUV again so I could get one too!

Our weekend consisted of swimming, hiking, kayaking, hanging out around camp, eating, running, and relaxing. We had no schedule and it was fantastic. Here are a couple of pics.

Look at that giraffe tongue!!Dustin decided if the pellets were good enough for the animals....
Our campsite mascot, Bert the Tarantula. He liked to hang out right outside my tent.Group picture on our hike up to some of the springs. It was really a great trip!