Thursday, September 06, 2007

Labor Day "Turner Falls" Trip

Last weekend I went with a group of 10 people to Oklahoma for a camping trip. I call it the "Turner Falls" trip because that was what we called it...until we got there and decided not to actually go to Turner Falls. :)

We had a campsite at Buckhorn that was just so great - not too many people and our own private cove of the lake - that we decided to cancel our planned day trip to the falls which was supposedly incredibly crowded. We did go to Arbuckle Wilderness though which was great fun. And I discovered my new favorite sport - Kayaking! Two people brought kayaks and I had so much fun I wish I had an SUV again so I could get one too!

Our weekend consisted of swimming, hiking, kayaking, hanging out around camp, eating, running, and relaxing. We had no schedule and it was fantastic. Here are a couple of pics.

Look at that giraffe tongue!!Dustin decided if the pellets were good enough for the animals....
Our campsite mascot, Bert the Tarantula. He liked to hang out right outside my tent.Group picture on our hike up to some of the springs. It was really a great trip!


hr said...

I like how some of the pictures are from the future. Forget the falls, how was 2034?

And I am a huge nerd. Ahem, yeah...trip looked like fun!

Emily said...

Yeah...not my camera so I had no control over the time/date stamp. Haha.

Ty said...

The trip looks fun, but I have never been able to bring myself to kayak . . . I'm not the best swimmer anyway and the added factor of being upside down, floating, in a device that resembles a carrot doesn't help my confidence much.

The Rigoulots said...

Hi Emily...this is Jennifer (Guess) Rigoulot from SCS. Not too sure if you remember me, but I got to your blog from Katie's. I saw your post about Ben's drawings-they are amazing! Tell Ben hi for me, he was in my class at SCS for a few years. Looks like you are doing well!