Monday, May 29, 2006

Twas The Night Before Sabre

Twas the night before Sabre, and all through the room,
The intern was ready, as one might assume.
Her paperwork ready, her shirt pressed with care,
She picked up her suit pants - her favorite pair.

When all of a sudden she jumped in great fright
Realizing something wasn't quite right.
She meant to do it earlier but had messed up again.
She had forgotten to get those pants hemmed!

But rather than panic she came up with a plan:
Safety pins and markers would get her out of this jam.
She pinned up the pant legs and colored pins black
So no one would know her hems weren't intact.

The moral of this story I shared with you today
Take your pants to the tailor when you buy them, right away!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Mexican Wedding Fun!

One of my good friends in the MBA program is a guy named Jaime. Jaime is Mexican. Not Hispanic, he is "speaks fluent spanish, part of the family still lives out of the country, had Mariachis at his birthday party, mom makes the best food ever but speaks no English" Mexican. So he calls me on Friday and says "Have you ever been to a Mexican wedding?" I said no and he said "They're not like White people weddings where you have to RSVP and everyone knows everyone and stuff...its just like a big fiesta and you need to come." So I did.

The wedding was at the Texas Girls Choir building. I showed up around 7:30 or so and the party was already in full swing. We ate some fantastic Mexican food, they had an open bar with beer, wine, and tequila (I had to have some Mexican wedding experience just wouldn't have been complete!) and a Mariachi band played for 2 hours. Apparently Mariachi's cost about $600/hr, so 2 hours was a BIG deal! Right at the end of the Mariachis, they did the bouqet/garter tossing. So I go out on the dance floor expecting just to gather in a clump when Jaime's cousin says "Get ready to run!" Before I could even say "What??" my hand was grabbed by the girls next to me. The bride and groom stand on chairs in the middle of the dance floor while the mariachis play a song and an aunt led all the single women running in a line around the room, snaking through the dance floor, the tables, into the hallway, back through all the people watching, etc. for about 4 or 5 minutes! I was exhausted! Then they threw the bouquet and the boys did the same thing before the garter.

After that, the boys stripped the groom down to boxers and a tshirt and started throwing him up in the air! Once he got redressed, the money dance started. Girls and guys in pairs stand in line to pin money on the bride and groom and dance with them. So I danced with the groom. Then the 2nd band came - a mariachi polka band! We danced all night long. I danced with all of Jaime's cousins in true Mexican dancing style which I like to describe as Country dancing on speed. I had no clue what I was doing, but most of them were really good dancers and I was able to just follow. It was seriously a workout! I am sore today!

I had so much fun being the token white girl at the Mexican wedding...even though I couldn't talk to half of the attendants because they didn't speak English! But who needs to talk when you've got Mariachis to dance to!

If Patty is reading this I'm sure she is freaking out right now! DON"T SAY MARIACHI!! (who can name the reference? Trey?)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Now THATS a finale!

Last year I was really disappointed with the season finale of several of my favorite shows, including Lost, Alias, Grey's Anatomy, and (half of) Gilmore Girls. This year, I was still disappointed by Gilmore Girls, disappointed with the series finale of Alias, and pacified with Greys. The problem with a lot of finales is they feel like they need a huge cliffhanger and do something really drastic that is totally contrived just to make one.

But Lost on the other hand - every show on television needs to take notes. THAT is the way to do a finale! The big twist of explaining how the plane crashed was just wild enough to be awesome but real enough to be plausible. The way they set things up for next season puts people in enough of a predicament to allow for a lot of future material but not so bad that it makes me mad for the entire off season (cough..Gilmore Girls....cough cough). And the very final scene introducing a new character.....I am pumped. It was just perfect. Way to go Lost! For a show that has annoyed me more than once, you really pulled it together with a season finale that truly lived up to the hype.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Big One!

The Colonial has come and gone...I spent the last 6 days driving fully loaded Cadillac Escalades (sooooo cool!) around in circles and meeting a lot of neat people. I didn't have any Teixiera sightings this year, but I did meet a lot of cool people. Here are a couple of stories from the week:

1. As people get in the car, I usually try to make some small talk and learn about the people. I'll ask if they're there following a particular golfer, what they do for a living, etc. Well on Friday, a couple gets in my car and for some reason, the question came out of my mouth, "So are any of your favorites on the leaderboard today?" Never asked that question before, but it just came out. The man said "Awww, no our guy was awful today!" and the lady hit him and said "Oh you be quiet!" So I said "Who is it that you are following." The lady's response: "Our son is in 2nd place today." It was Stewart Cink's parents! I ended up driving them the next day too. They were really nice. Cink ended the tournament tied for Fourth along with Ben Crane, whose caddy I drove on Wednesday. :)

2. I drove the owner of Patron Tequila and Captain Morgan Rum today. He got in my car and we were talking about his company, their tequila, etc. If you don't know, Patron is a very expensive tequila and is apparently "really smooth" (whatever that means.) So I joked with him saying "You should have brought some free Patron to tip your driver with." He thought that was really funny, and we talked more on the drive back to his car. When we got to his car, he said "So what is your name?" I said "Emily." He said "Emily, I am about to make your day." And hands me this:
Two years of driving at the Colonial and on the last day, the second to last person I drive, I finally get one of the legendary $100 tips! I didn't think they actually existed! He definitely made my day - actually made my week! I finally got The Big One. :)

I may post more stories later this week as they come to me. Stay tuned to hear tales of drunken idiots.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Byron Nelson and Colonial

Yesterday I had the joy of attending the final round of the Byron Nelson tournament with my cousin Allyson. I was hoping to post some fun pictures...until I realized that you're not allowed to take in any cameras or cell phones. :) It was pretty fun. Hot outside, eerily quiet for the amount of people there, lots of walking, but once we set up camp at the 15th green, it was fun. But I definitely reminded myself why its been about 5 years since I've actually attended the Colonial.

Which brings me to the Colonial! It technically starts today with practice rounds today and tomorrow, the Pro-Am on Wednesday, and the official tournament Thurs. through Sun. You may be asking why I know the schedule if I haven't been in 5 years and am not planning on going this year. Its because for the 2nd year, I am going to be driving Cadillacs between the VIP lots and the clubhouse. Last year I had a very unfortunate experience in my driving. I am hoping to encounter the situation again only to come out on top this time! If any of you are going to be parking in the member or VIP lots this week at the Colonial, keep an eye out for me. I'll be the one in the fully loaded Cadillac while you're sweating in the hot sun. :)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

They Finally Did It

Well, the afforementioned ghosts of the Log Cabin Village finally got the best of me and my phone. On Friday my friend Christina called me to go to lunch in the middle of running errands for the graduation hooding ceremony that night. When she got to my apartment, my phone had randomly turned itself off. I push the button to turn it back on...and it doesn't turn back on. So I got to spend a fun-filled afternoon at Cingular trying to get everything taken care of to get me a new phone. 3 hours later, I left with a phone fresh off of the truck that was actually ordered for someone else but they decided to give to me instead because they had taken so much time. Good things come to those who wait. :)

So I know that I am behind the times and 90% of cell phone users already have this one...but look how pretty! And its pink!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Ghosts of the Log Cabin Village

The path from my apartment to TCU involves me driving south on University from I-30. I drive this path at least twice a day, many days more than that. Anytime I am on my cell phone while driving to campus, there is one spot where the call gets disconnected every single time. I will have full bars on my phone, it will suddenly drop down to zero bars, and then right back up to full. This has been happening all year long. Extremely annoying.

So yesterday I was driving down the street talking to my mom when it happened. But this time, I noticed where this "dead zone" is - it is the full length of the Log Cabin Village. I will have full reception, I hit where the cabins start and it drops to zero, and then back up to full reception immediately after the last cabin right before Park Hill Dr. So now I have determined that my cell phone problems are caused by ghosts in the Log Cabin Village. They are stuck in the 1800's when there weren't things like cell phones and don't want anything that wasn't from their time to work properly. So the cell phones drop out and then pick up when you're out of their territory. Somebody call Jennifer Love Hewitt and cross them over so that they will stop interrupting my important phone calls!!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Oh Blogger, Where Art Thou?

All of my blog buddies...I am begging you! Please post soon! Every day I have been coming to my computer in the middle of my Integrated Project Hades, hoping for a little relief through some fun stories, neat pictures, and general updates. But alas! Everyone on my blogroll (except for Megan) has reruns!! Not that I can say much, and I know we're all busy. But just a little shout out to your readership would brighten my day...which I promise you, needs brightening right now. :)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Most Frequent Conversation Today

As I said yesterday, I am on a team with a couple of interesting people. In my 4 hour meeting today, I think three hours of it were taken up by variations on the following discussion:

Me: We can't do that
Them: Why not?
Me: Because its not an option in the simulation
Them: Why not?
Me: Because the simulation writers didn't make it an option
Them: So why can't we do it?
Me: Because there is no way to put it in the system. Its not in the simulation.
Them: Well that doesn't make any sense. I want to do this!
Me: We can't do that
Them: Why not?
(loud crash as I throw myself out of the window of the third floor team room we're in)

Thanks for the birthday wishes! And Megan, it wasn't belated. It was May 2. :) And Ty, you're just sick. haha

Monday, May 01, 2006

Thought and Quote of the Day

Thought of the day:
Why do fast food mexican restaurants ask you if you want hot sauce? They're going to give it to you anyways. They ask "Would you like Hot Sauce?" You say yes, they give you hot sauce. You say no, they give you hot sauce. You say "Do you speak English?" They give you hot sauce. I bet they could cut some overhead if they'd stop handing out so much hot sauce.

Quote of the day:
Some of you might have heard that for our Integrated Project, they broke up the team that I had formed and reassigned about half the class randomly. I get put on a team with a lady in our class who is....we'll leave it at "interesting." It hasn't been nearly as bad as I was expecting it to be (although its only been 2 days....8 to go!), but I have gotten some really funny quotes out of it, such as the following:

Today, we were talking about passwords people use on the internet. A guy in my group said, "I know a lot of people use their kids names and birthdays as passwords. So sometimes its really easy to figure out if you're not careful."

She says, totally serious: "That's why I use my kids' names and their conception dates."

Its going to be an interesting week. Please pray for my sanity.