Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Most Frequent Conversation Today

As I said yesterday, I am on a team with a couple of interesting people. In my 4 hour meeting today, I think three hours of it were taken up by variations on the following discussion:

Me: We can't do that
Them: Why not?
Me: Because its not an option in the simulation
Them: Why not?
Me: Because the simulation writers didn't make it an option
Them: So why can't we do it?
Me: Because there is no way to put it in the system. Its not in the simulation.
Them: Well that doesn't make any sense. I want to do this!
Me: We can't do that
Them: Why not?
(loud crash as I throw myself out of the window of the third floor team room we're in)

Thanks for the birthday wishes! And Megan, it wasn't belated. It was May 2. :) And Ty, you're just sick. haha


Allyson said...

Hey, Emily... "Who's On First"?? Ha! Tell your group members, Abbot and Costello, that that routine has already been done... :)

Maggie said...

it must just stink being the smartest person in a room full of smarties.
what did you do last night????

Emily said...

Hmmm....last night I poured over the results of Quarter 3 and evaluated the expansion possibilites. :) Some of my friends took me out for pizza, but other than that, it was a low key birthday. But I did watch Gilmore Girls, House, and America's Next Top Model which made me happy and had Boston Legal and Scrubs left over for today....

Maggie said...

no party?? no dave and busters?? i love the new profile pic- very cute :)

Emily said...

D&Bs!! Y'all come to FW for YOUR birthday and we'll go there once I have money...

Megan said...

So I checked your birthday counter, and it said time was up...so I wasn't sure if I was late or not. But now I know and knowing is half the battle!