Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Now THATS a finale!

Last year I was really disappointed with the season finale of several of my favorite shows, including Lost, Alias, Grey's Anatomy, and (half of) Gilmore Girls. This year, I was still disappointed by Gilmore Girls, disappointed with the series finale of Alias, and pacified with Greys. The problem with a lot of finales is they feel like they need a huge cliffhanger and do something really drastic that is totally contrived just to make one.

But Lost on the other hand - every show on television needs to take notes. THAT is the way to do a finale! The big twist of explaining how the plane crashed was just wild enough to be awesome but real enough to be plausible. The way they set things up for next season puts people in enough of a predicament to allow for a lot of future material but not so bad that it makes me mad for the entire off season (cough..Gilmore Girls....cough cough). And the very final scene introducing a new character.....I am pumped. It was just perfect. Way to go Lost! For a show that has annoyed me more than once, you really pulled it together with a season finale that truly lived up to the hype.


Anonymous said...

I agree! I usually never "re-watch" anything, but that episode was so chock full of shocking new mystery data that I think I will have to see it again just to process it all.

Alice McD

Velcro said...

I started out watching LOST last year, but didn't get too far. I did realize, however, how the show got its name. Everytime I'd turn it on... I was Lost as to where the show was in its plot. Lol!

Have a good weekend!

Gina said...

Lost definitely requires a committment...or a link to a good recapping site that doesn't skimp on details. (I love Television Without Pity, they always clarify things I was confused about, but their recaps might be too detailed for most people.)

It really was a great finale. That's the way to do it, JJ Abrams! (He was too busy trying to keep the lid on the crazy with his current leading "man" to work on the Alias finale, and it showed. It seemed like they were stretching the boring scenes out to fill time, but they didn't spend enough time covering everything that I wanted covered. And killing Jack is NEVER okay! (I love me some Spy Daddy.)

Emily said...

Yeah, first season of lost really annoyed me, but second season cut out a lot of the stuff that i thought was stupid and i ended up enjoying it.

And yes....i was furious that they killed off Jack Frikkin Bristow. He was seriously my favorite character on the show!

hr said...

I loved the finale too. Thought the explanation of what happened to the plane was perfect.

Ashley N said...

Oh Emily, I was so upset at Jack Bristow dying also!

I have just started watching season 1 of Lost on DVD...I'm excited!!

Ty said...

Yeah, I'm done with the Gilmore "let's try to come up with some artificial tension since we know that marriage equals series death" thing. Gray's writers, to quote Gina, "Just don't realize that we don't like Meredith, and we DON'T CARE what she's going through!" And I hasten to add that we take Braff's "moral to the story" more seriously on Scrubbs! Stop with the preachy jerk thing! but other than too much finale focused on my least fav character, Gray's was good.

Loved LOST, always do.