Monday, May 01, 2006

Thought and Quote of the Day

Thought of the day:
Why do fast food mexican restaurants ask you if you want hot sauce? They're going to give it to you anyways. They ask "Would you like Hot Sauce?" You say yes, they give you hot sauce. You say no, they give you hot sauce. You say "Do you speak English?" They give you hot sauce. I bet they could cut some overhead if they'd stop handing out so much hot sauce.

Quote of the day:
Some of you might have heard that for our Integrated Project, they broke up the team that I had formed and reassigned about half the class randomly. I get put on a team with a lady in our class who is....we'll leave it at "interesting." It hasn't been nearly as bad as I was expecting it to be (although its only been 2 days....8 to go!), but I have gotten some really funny quotes out of it, such as the following:

Today, we were talking about passwords people use on the internet. A guy in my group said, "I know a lot of people use their kids names and birthdays as passwords. So sometimes its really easy to figure out if you're not careful."

She says, totally serious: "That's why I use my kids' names and their conception dates."

Its going to be an interesting week. Please pray for my sanity.


Ashley said...

2 Words..."Ew." and "Why?!?!"

Maggie said...

HAPPY B DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ty said...

Happy (belated) Conception Day!!!!!!

Ashley N said...

Happy Birthday Em!!

Megan said...

This is cracking me up!

And Happy belated birthday, too!

Stuben said...


Katie said...

I am confused. Why is it belated? Today is your birthday! Happy Birthday