Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Ghosts of the Log Cabin Village

The path from my apartment to TCU involves me driving south on University from I-30. I drive this path at least twice a day, many days more than that. Anytime I am on my cell phone while driving to campus, there is one spot where the call gets disconnected every single time. I will have full bars on my phone, it will suddenly drop down to zero bars, and then right back up to full. This has been happening all year long. Extremely annoying.

So yesterday I was driving down the street talking to my mom when it happened. But this time, I noticed where this "dead zone" is - it is the full length of the Log Cabin Village. I will have full reception, I hit where the cabins start and it drops to zero, and then back up to full reception immediately after the last cabin right before Park Hill Dr. So now I have determined that my cell phone problems are caused by ghosts in the Log Cabin Village. They are stuck in the 1800's when there weren't things like cell phones and don't want anything that wasn't from their time to work properly. So the cell phones drop out and then pick up when you're out of their territory. Somebody call Jennifer Love Hewitt and cross them over so that they will stop interrupting my important phone calls!!


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Ty said...

Please don't call JLH. Even the ghosts would see through her limited acting skills and would then hurt us all for insulting their intelligence.