Monday, May 29, 2006

Twas The Night Before Sabre

Twas the night before Sabre, and all through the room,
The intern was ready, as one might assume.
Her paperwork ready, her shirt pressed with care,
She picked up her suit pants - her favorite pair.

When all of a sudden she jumped in great fright
Realizing something wasn't quite right.
She meant to do it earlier but had messed up again.
She had forgotten to get those pants hemmed!

But rather than panic she came up with a plan:
Safety pins and markers would get her out of this jam.
She pinned up the pant legs and colored pins black
So no one would know her hems weren't intact.

The moral of this story I shared with you today
Take your pants to the tailor when you buy them, right away!


Velcro said...

Lol! Good Luck with that! I would have no clue where to even start!

Allyson said...

You is so ghetto, Shaniqua! Haha, kidding...I've done the very same thing many-a-time. But then again, that's why they call me Shanaynay. :)

Allyson said...

...and I look SO crosseyed in the small version of this picture!

Lindsey said...

HA! Great post great post.

Gina said...

You know what else works in that situation (besides duct tape, because you can fix anything with duct tape)? Staples! I once fixed a broken slip elastic with staples and just left the staples in the slip for a couple of years. (Why, yes, I AM lazy and cheap. But resourceful!)

Allyson said...

...double-sided toupe tape also works well. Not only for holding a hem together, but for holding things in place like straps, low-cut dresses, etc...

Ty said...

A combination of dbl stick tape and pins/staples is the best: pins/staples provide stability (incase of snags etc.), while the tape helps to insure a consistent shape. Oh, and masking tape can be used to patch holes in white t-shirts, not that you'll ever need that one.

When I was in HS choir, I once solved the problem of absent studs (those things that fit through a double button hole in a tux shirt) by tying carefully constructed knots in a white shoestring. Everyone thought that they were silk-covered buttons. In fact, other guys got in trouble for their actual studs that didn't match, but not a negative word was said about mine.

When I told people about it, while we were turning in our tuxes and I could show them the "before" and "after," they were shocked at how well it worked.

I also staple-hemmed my pants that year.

Now I'm waiting for Gina to comment again.

Velcro said...

Used Bubble Gum also works great and can add fragrance... or sticky putty also works. Lol!!!

Maggie said...

getto pants- too funny