Sunday, June 11, 2006

1 Year Ago Today!

My friend Ashley Bruner married a great man named Matt and became Ashley Lee! Unfortunately, this was also the last time that I saw her because we both got crazy busy and never have been able to get together! Hopefully that will change soon, but for today, Congrats Ashley and Matt!

I think this picture is fun....and probably not one that her real photographer got, so thought I'd post it instead of a typical wedding picture. :)


Velcro said...

Congrats Ashley & Matt.

Ashley said...

Yea!!!!! I LOVE this picture. Our photographer definitely missed this. I don't have a picture of this time during the day at all. This is so fun to see! I miss you lots and hopefully we'll get to see each other before the summer is over.

Thanks for the shout out! You're the 'bestest' friend ever, Em! :) Love you!

Stuben said...

Hey where did your random Friends post go?