Monday, June 19, 2006

Is that a "yes" or a "no"?

Last semester, I got nominated for the Texas Business Hall of Fame Scholarship, a scholarship for MBA students in Texas (I know, stating the obvious). Two Thursdays ago (June 8), I finally had my interview, the last step in the application process. My interview was really funny in itself...i'll make another post about it right after this one. But for now, I need your help in deciphering the letters that I just got.

Saturday, I checked my mail and had a letter from the TX Bus Hall of Fame. It was a small envelope, so I was pretty certain in was bad news...and I was right. "Dear Ms. Tate....I am sorry to inform you that you have not been chosen as a scholarship recipient this year....." I was a little let down, but okay.

Today, I checked my mail and had another letter from the TX Bus Hall of Fame. Small envelope again, and I thought to myself "What, did you feel the need to rub it in?" I almost throw it away but then decide to open it so I can post on my blog about getting rejected twice....but it says, "Dear Ms. Tate, On behalf of the Texas Business Hall of Fame Foundation, I am pleased to be the first to congratulate you on being chosen as a 2006 Scholarship Award Recipient...."

Both letters are dated June 15, 2006, so I can't even claim that the later date is the real one. Did I get it? Did I not? (I'm assuming I got it until proven otherwise. Ha!) I have included pictures of both as evidence. Can you pull any meaning out of them?

And if you're still with me...keep reading! My interview story is actually really funny.


Anonymous said...

So what's next? Do you have to call to find out? Please don't leave us hanging too long.

I'm wondering if they have an intern for the summer who used mail merge from the database and EVERYBODY got two letters like you did. Oooops!

Alice McD

Emily said... friend Bill interviewed too and he got 2 rejection letters. Things are looking good...


Lindsey said...

HA! That's hilarious!!!

Velcro said...

This may be a test... a cruel one... but a funny one!

Maggie said...

burn the one that says you did NOT get it. then make copies of the one that says yes! then all the evidence will be in your favor!
that is crazy!