Monday, June 26, 2006

By The Numbers: Emily's Golf Edition

2 Friends that bailed on our game (including the one who knew what she was doing)

9 Holes played at the Benbrook Par 3 golf course

98 degrees farenheit yesterday

0 Areas of shade on the course

4 Golf balls used in my game

3 Golf balls lost in the "lake"

7 Average strokes it took me to get the ball in the hole

27 Par for this course

66 My score on this course

1 Guy on the course (and a lawyer at that!) that asked me on a "golf date" for next week! :)


hr said...

Dude, I'm impressed you finished a round!

Ashley said...

I'd say that it was, overall, a successful day then if you got a golf date from a lawyer! :)
Glad you had fun!

Ashley N said...

ooo I'll go golfing with you next time...the lawyer has friends right? ;)

Velcro said...

Forget EHarmony... you may have to go golfing more often!

Emily said...

I didn't say I accepted the golf date...just got asked. And yes, he had friends. :)

And Ashley were you serious about wanting to go? Is your phone number still the same?

Ashley N said...

Yeah I would go...I'm awful but I think its fun. My number's the me :)

Velcro said...

All this talk about golfing's driving me crazy.

I can't wait 'til July when I get to play Pebble!

Maggie said...

go out w/ him or that cute intern at my mom church- Kevin.