Saturday, June 24, 2006

Look out Annika Sorenstam!

About 5 years ago, I was dating a guy who worked in a golf pro shop as some of you may remember. :) Somewhere during my 1st semester of college that year, I decided that I should take golf class at ACU because he wanted to go play with me. I had to take an Exercise Science class anyways...and this one didn't require the horrific ACU exercise science uniform. So that Christmas, Didad (Maggie and Katie's grandfather) made me a set of golf clubs and I embarked on my golfing journey. One semester later, I vaguely knew how to hit a golf ball and played my first game in which I shot a 97....on 9 holes. Other than hitting golf balls at a driving range one time during finals my sophomore year when I was in a really really bad mood, that was the end of my golf career.

Until now.

Last semester, Christina, another girl named Vineeta, and I decided to take golf lessons through TCU continuing education. We took 6 lessons (actually I only took 5 - I missed the last one) and our teacher was absolutely fabulous! I started off only slightly worse than I left off 4 years ago...and to be totally honest only ended up slightly better than 4 years ago! But tomorrow, I'm venturing back out into the world of golf to play my first real game since the end of my ACU class. And let me tell you, its going to be a really funny sight - Me, Christina, Vineeta, and our friend Jasmine (who actually knows how to play). Ironically, we're playing at the course that the afforementioned ex worked at that started this whole mess! How's that for life coming full circle?

Me tomorrow!


Velcro said...

Good luck with that! I hate sucking at golf, especially when there are people behind me, waiting for me to find my golf ball (or club if the shot was absolutely outlandish).

Stuben said...

You dated a guy?

Emily said...

Nice one Stephen. Well played. :)