Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm Moving!!

Today I signed a lease for a new apartment. I'm moving into Amli Upper West Side - an apartment complex in Downtown Fort Worth. Its not the one on 4th street that I told several of you I was hoping to move into (they're full and have raised their prices $300/month in the past year), but its still in downtown and is actually better for me. I am working at home 2 days a week and this apartment has a study that I can use instead of turning part of my living room into an office. I love it!

Unfortunately I found one thing that is less than ideal though...they only offer television service through DirectTV and they don't offer HD service. Who doesn't offer HD service?? But everything else is great enough that I can deal with that....especially since I haven't had HD service in my current apartment either. It was just something I was looking forward to getting. But while we're on the subject - vote in my poll to help me decide what to do about my TV situation.

I'm moving on May 14th - come visit me!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Its Time for Another....

Good Idea:
(Hopefully) impressing your boss by doing decent presentations two days in a row - one of them presenting a new idea that he thinks it going to have good impact for the company

Bad Idea:
Falling down the stairs as you're walking out of the building with your boss in front of about 50 people, immediately following the aforementioned impressiveness, and twisting your knee.

Monday, April 23, 2007

You're Invited!

To a very happy day for me! I'm done with my MBA!!

The Hooding Ceremony is basically our graduation...I'm not going to the big ceremony the next day. If you're in the area, feel free to join for this joyous occasion followed by a reception....don't worry, I'm not expecting anyone but my family to actually come. :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Its Time for Another....

Good Idea:
Packing socks in your gym bag before leaving for work in the morning

Bad Idea:
Packing one normal crew style sock and one "no show" style sock, waiting only to be discovered once you are already at the gym in North Richland Hills and know you can't just run by home really quickly to get the right kind.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Charla and Mirna....UGH!!

I have GOT to stop watching Amazing Race. At least as long as Charla and Mirna are on it. They drive me absolutely nuts!!! My blood pressure seriously raises every time they are on screen.
  • They drive me crazy with the fact that when they talk to people who aren't American, they speak with a foreign accent, like THAT is going to help someone understand you!
  • They are 100% self-righteous, acting like they NEVER do anything less than perfect
  • They whine when people outsmart them saying that the other teams are rude or play a dirty game or whatever but then have no problem getting in peoples faces and completely screwing over other teams when it works to their advantage.
  • When other people are trying to get stuff done, they always jump in on their conversations with the airline reps and act like total jerks and basically just yell and act rude until the poor counter workers have no choice but to give in to get them out of their faces.
  • They have this ridiculous vendetta against the my opinion just because the blondes are both prettier AND smarter than them, so they can't say "Well they're pretty but stupid."
And speaking of Dustin and Kandice, here are few reasons why they are my favorites:
  • C and M keep saying that they are fake....of all people in this game I think that D and K are the LEAST fake of everyone! They have never pretended to have loyalty to anyone but themselves, and don't try to act like they are going to be loyal to people when they will turn on them at the first chance they get (*cough cough Charla and Mirna*)
  • They play the game smart. Yields are not cheating or playing dirty - they are strategic tools to be used wisely and Dustin and Kandice aren't so caught up in being liked by other teams that they become afraid to use them
  • They know when to partner with other teams - when it will help both teams equally - but also know when to keep their secrets to themselves
  • They have every other team out to get them (and I'm sure thats going to come to a head next week!) but they don't complain about it or let it stop them. I think they realize that its just jealousy that makes the other teams want to try and knock them out. ;)
And finally...I had a dream last night that I was on the Amazing Race. I TOTALLY want to get on that show!! Unfortunately, I don't see myself being able to commit to quitting my job for something like that, so I'll just have to judge people from my couch like I have for the past few seasons. Sad...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Big Reveal....

I know you've been waiting in anticipation (sarcasm), so with no further ado, here is my new car!
Okay, thats just the center of the steering wheel, but Maggie's first guess was right! I got a Lexus IS 250....and its so pretty! This is my graduation present to myself, or as I also like to call it, my prize for not being married and having no one to worry about but myself. :) I didn't pick it up until this evening so I haven't gotten to drive it much. I can honestly say I haven't been this excited about driving to work tomorrow morning since my first day!!!You can kind of see the color in this is a really dark blue that really looks black from a lot of angles. Its actually called Black Sapphire Pearl.
None of the pictures of me standing next to the car turned out well, so this is as good as your gonna get of me. :)

See ya later! I've got a new car to go drive!

Monday, April 09, 2007

A blogilicious teaser....

I bought a car today! Wasn't planning on it, but got a price that I totally shouldn't have (about $2500 less than what the car is typically going for right now) and I have been saving in preparation to get one in June, so I just went for it! I pick it up on Wednesday evening. Details and pictures to come.... :)

Saturday, April 07, 2007

THE List: 61-80

I made up number 61 today after it started SNOWING in FORT WORTH, TEXAS on EASTER WEEKEND and made me miss the game that I bought tickets for 2 months ago! I am so mad! Several others were inspired by our freak of nature snow day today as well (see 65-68).

61. See the Rangers play the Red Sox
62. Take a picture of a lighthouse
63. Get married
64. Read the Iliad
65. Build a snowman that is at least 4 feet tall
66. Go to an Ice Bar
67. Go to a weekend Spa resort
68. Learn all the words to "Its the End of the World As We Know It"...not just "6 o'clock...mumble mumble...LEONARD BERNSTEIN!"
69. See Niagra Falls
70. Sing a song in a karaoke bar (possibly number 68?)
71. Have my portrait made by a street vendor
72. Have a chocolate shake at the original Hard Rock Cafe in London
73. Make a kite and then actually fly it
74. Run a 5K (I know I'm pathetic. I can't commit to the marathon or even 1/2)
75. Be a contestant on a game show
76. See Acropolis in Greece
77. Buy a house or a condo
78. Attend a Sotheby's auction
79. Learn how to drive a stick shift
80. Visit the Holocaust Museum

(Number 80 has been edited... I didn't realize that I already put "See the Taj Mahal" on the last segment. Thanks Linds!)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

THE List: 41-60

With the excitement I gained today in learning that I am going to get to cross something off my list in June, I decided it was time for another segment! And seriously, I'm getting low...need some ideas.....

41. Drive a convertible down Route 66
42. Attend at least one major sporting event (Olympics, Superbowl, US Open, World Series Final Game, etc.)
43. Tour Pearl Harbor
44. Fly one leg on at least 15 different airlines
45. Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain
46. See a performance of Shakespeare in the Globe Theater
47. Attend a taping of David Letterman or Conan O'Brien
48. Throw a dart at a map and travel there
49. Visit Stonehenge
50. Be an extra in a movie
51. Go to Rio de Janiero for Carnival
52. Take a tour of studios in Hollywood
53. Sponsor an angel on the Angel Tree and do it up right
54. See the Schloss Neuschwanstein in Germany (it looks like Cinderella's Castle)
55. Fly in a hot air balloon
56. Ride the Orient Express
57. Go Grape Stomping to make wine
58. See the Grand Canyon
59. See the Taj Mahal
60. Go to Major League Baseball Spring Training

Any thoughts on these or suggestions for more?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Stephen McBroom - Always the Troublemaker!

I went to Stephen's blog today while on my lunch break at work to see pictures of the sonogram. This is what I got:

Apparently even pictures of a naked fetus are considered child pornography nowadays! Are you trying to get me fired posting filth like that, Stephen?