Sunday, April 15, 2007

Charla and Mirna....UGH!!

I have GOT to stop watching Amazing Race. At least as long as Charla and Mirna are on it. They drive me absolutely nuts!!! My blood pressure seriously raises every time they are on screen.
  • They drive me crazy with the fact that when they talk to people who aren't American, they speak with a foreign accent, like THAT is going to help someone understand you!
  • They are 100% self-righteous, acting like they NEVER do anything less than perfect
  • They whine when people outsmart them saying that the other teams are rude or play a dirty game or whatever but then have no problem getting in peoples faces and completely screwing over other teams when it works to their advantage.
  • When other people are trying to get stuff done, they always jump in on their conversations with the airline reps and act like total jerks and basically just yell and act rude until the poor counter workers have no choice but to give in to get them out of their faces.
  • They have this ridiculous vendetta against the my opinion just because the blondes are both prettier AND smarter than them, so they can't say "Well they're pretty but stupid."
And speaking of Dustin and Kandice, here are few reasons why they are my favorites:
  • C and M keep saying that they are fake....of all people in this game I think that D and K are the LEAST fake of everyone! They have never pretended to have loyalty to anyone but themselves, and don't try to act like they are going to be loyal to people when they will turn on them at the first chance they get (*cough cough Charla and Mirna*)
  • They play the game smart. Yields are not cheating or playing dirty - they are strategic tools to be used wisely and Dustin and Kandice aren't so caught up in being liked by other teams that they become afraid to use them
  • They know when to partner with other teams - when it will help both teams equally - but also know when to keep their secrets to themselves
  • They have every other team out to get them (and I'm sure thats going to come to a head next week!) but they don't complain about it or let it stop them. I think they realize that its just jealousy that makes the other teams want to try and knock them out. ;)
And finally...I had a dream last night that I was on the Amazing Race. I TOTALLY want to get on that show!! Unfortunately, I don't see myself being able to commit to quitting my job for something like that, so I'll just have to judge people from my couch like I have for the past few seasons. Sad...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, they annoy me. The wife & I have a contest beforehand guessing how many times they will refer to the midget's handicap.

Really, I don't have a fav anymore, since Rob & Amber got the boot.

Emily said...

I LOVED Rob and Amber!! I wanted them to win...but I quickly switched to the blondes once they were gone. Maybe I just like going for the most hated teams...