Saturday, April 07, 2007

THE List: 61-80

I made up number 61 today after it started SNOWING in FORT WORTH, TEXAS on EASTER WEEKEND and made me miss the game that I bought tickets for 2 months ago! I am so mad! Several others were inspired by our freak of nature snow day today as well (see 65-68).

61. See the Rangers play the Red Sox
62. Take a picture of a lighthouse
63. Get married
64. Read the Iliad
65. Build a snowman that is at least 4 feet tall
66. Go to an Ice Bar
67. Go to a weekend Spa resort
68. Learn all the words to "Its the End of the World As We Know It"...not just "6 o'clock...mumble mumble...LEONARD BERNSTEIN!"
69. See Niagra Falls
70. Sing a song in a karaoke bar (possibly number 68?)
71. Have my portrait made by a street vendor
72. Have a chocolate shake at the original Hard Rock Cafe in London
73. Make a kite and then actually fly it
74. Run a 5K (I know I'm pathetic. I can't commit to the marathon or even 1/2)
75. Be a contestant on a game show
76. See Acropolis in Greece
77. Buy a house or a condo
78. Attend a Sotheby's auction
79. Learn how to drive a stick shift
80. Visit the Holocaust Museum

(Number 80 has been edited... I didn't realize that I already put "See the Taj Mahal" on the last segment. Thanks Linds!)


Lindsey said...

Man, you must really want to see the Taj Mahal. I'll totally do the weekend spa resort with you.

Chris said...

70 isn't so bad (and I'm also aspiring to 68). I'll gladly help you some time.

Emily said...

Did i put it on there twice? Oops...I must have accidentally not taken it off my brainstorming list when I put it on my real list... :)

Emily said...

and definitely Chris! I'll have to crash one of y'alls Corner nights. Ha!

Rodolfo said...

Hallo. hope you're fine, cute paranoid extrange girl, I'm glad you add the worm in you're list, for the next, how would you find things like:

- Get to Las Vegas in plane and drive back (I just sqw a Million Dollar Baby) in a Stick Shift ('cause the point 79) I recoment you an old Volkswagen (most of the people in here learn to drive in a VW) with your new housband (it is well writen??) when wou get married (point 63)

- Go to Alaska Hitching Rides

- Spend one year away of civilization and tecnology

- Wear the same pair of pants for 3 monts

- Save thousand dollars in 5 cents coins and pays taxes with them

Hope you like any of them, by the way, here in Mexico the people really loves soccer, if you ever come here (round Puebla city) I'll invite to a good match, take care...

Gina said...

I know this is late, and you may never read it...and you have no reason to care because you've never met me and I'm just Ty's sister, but I love lists! I just can't resist commenting on lists!

62. Check. Not that exciting in and of itself, but being at the coast is super-fun. And if you (and hopefully Trey, too) ever get a chance to come visit us in Oregon, we'll make sure you check this one off.

63. Check. Totally awesome. I highly recommend it. As long as you pick the right man as the other participant. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend it at all. Also? Eloping starts looking really, really good about 2 weeks before the ceremony. I'm just sayin'...

65. Check. But I was only 5, so I didn't do much of the heavy lifting. I think it should still count, though.

72. Half check. I've eaten there twice, but I don't think I ordered a chocolate milkshake either time. By the way, I think I ended up paying about $13 US for a burger--and it was only an averagely tasty burger. You're definitely there for the experience, not the food. (P.S. Also had dinner at the HRC in Copenhagen, so I think I should get bonus points.)

75. Half check. I was a contestant in a cable access Bible Bowl type show, so I think I should get partial credit for being in a TV studio for a show.

76. Check. Wicked amazing. You're going to love it! Make sure you also go over to the Areopagos (it's on the hill between the Agora and the Acropolis--just a few yards from the Parthenon) where Paul gave his sermon about the Unknown God.

77. Check. I bought a condo by myself 6 weeks before I started talking to the man I ended up marrying less than a year later. Yeah, not the best timing, but it felt good to be able to buy a place on my own. (P.S. Maybe checking off #77 will lead to checking off #63 for you, too.)

Best wishes on checking off every item on your list!