Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm Moving!!

Today I signed a lease for a new apartment. I'm moving into Amli Upper West Side - an apartment complex in Downtown Fort Worth. Its not the one on 4th street that I told several of you I was hoping to move into (they're full and have raised their prices $300/month in the past year), but its still in downtown and is actually better for me. I am working at home 2 days a week and this apartment has a study that I can use instead of turning part of my living room into an office. I love it!

Unfortunately I found one thing that is less than ideal though...they only offer television service through DirectTV and they don't offer HD service. Who doesn't offer HD service?? But everything else is great enough that I can deal with that....especially since I haven't had HD service in my current apartment either. It was just something I was looking forward to getting. But while we're on the subject - vote in my poll to help me decide what to do about my TV situation.

I'm moving on May 14th - come visit me!


Ty said...

That is too cool! I'd totally crash the party if I weren't so far away.

Daniel & Zoe's Mommy said...

ok so that apartment kicks butt. awesome :) and congrats on making it, by the way! :)

Ashley N said...

Hey! my roommate Carrie and I are moving into The Depot downtown! We'll be close!!