Thursday, April 05, 2007

THE List: 41-60

With the excitement I gained today in learning that I am going to get to cross something off my list in June, I decided it was time for another segment! And seriously, I'm getting low...need some ideas.....

41. Drive a convertible down Route 66
42. Attend at least one major sporting event (Olympics, Superbowl, US Open, World Series Final Game, etc.)
43. Tour Pearl Harbor
44. Fly one leg on at least 15 different airlines
45. Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain
46. See a performance of Shakespeare in the Globe Theater
47. Attend a taping of David Letterman or Conan O'Brien
48. Throw a dart at a map and travel there
49. Visit Stonehenge
50. Be an extra in a movie
51. Go to Rio de Janiero for Carnival
52. Take a tour of studios in Hollywood
53. Sponsor an angel on the Angel Tree and do it up right
54. See the Schloss Neuschwanstein in Germany (it looks like Cinderella's Castle)
55. Fly in a hot air balloon
56. Ride the Orient Express
57. Go Grape Stomping to make wine
58. See the Grand Canyon
59. See the Taj Mahal
60. Go to Major League Baseball Spring Training

Any thoughts on these or suggestions for more?


megan said...

so what are you crossing off in June? I will try and think of some, but it's too early for my brain right now. I have always wanted to camp and hike in Yosemite and the Grand Canyon. And go to New York City. Oh, but I have been to Neuschwanstein. It's awesome!

Ashley said...

I want to know the same thing! Which one are you doing this summer???

Emily said...

I booked my plane ticket yesterday for a business trip in Stockholm, Sweden. And best of all, it was cheaper for me to fly out the Friday before my Monday meetings and stay in a hotel for two nights than it was for me to just fly out there to arrive on Monday, so I get 2 days to "spend an afternoon exploring Gamla Stan (Old Town in the center of the city)" :)

Ashley said...

Sounds like great fun!! :)

The foot is getting better. I have had some time today to just lay around and let some of my massive swelling go down, so the pain is much less today. I go back to the doc on Monday to hopefully get a walking cast! I really hope I do b/c I am ready to burn these crutches!! :)
Have a great Easter! P.S. No baby yet! :)