Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Its Time for Another....

Good Idea:
Packing socks in your gym bag before leaving for work in the morning

Bad Idea:
Packing one normal crew style sock and one "no show" style sock, waiting only to be discovered once you are already at the gym in North Richland Hills and know you can't just run by home really quickly to get the right kind.


Maggie said...

ha ha ha, that is really funny! what did you do???

Bogle said...

that is funny. How was practice last night? Adam didn't want his preggo wife driving around in the crazy storm...it was bad up here.

Emily said...

I just folded down the tall one to where you couldn't see it....not the most comfortable thing in the world, but it just felt like I was wearing an ACE bandage or something.

Practice was...uneventful. Just went through more songs, etc. The storm looked really bad when I was driving in, but I don't think it ever got terrible in NRH. Good move staying home!