Saturday, July 01, 2006

Is It Worth It?

The Scenario:
A little over a week ago, I went to Southlake Town Square for lunch as I do every now and then. As I was driving around looking for a parking spot, I saw a really cute shirt in the window of White House/Black Market. I knew it would look good with some white pants I had just bought that I wanted to wear the next day so I impulsively bought it....for $62.79. I immediately had buyers remorse thinking how in the world could I have just spent that much on a shirt? I vowed that I was going to take it back (probably to the one on University so I didn't have to see the same sales people!) Fast forward one week later: I wake up for work, I'm running a tiny bit late and realize that I have no clean laundry except my white pants and, you guessed it, the new shirt still wrapped up and in the bag. I decide that I have no choice and wear it. That day I got SIX compliments on my shirt - half of which were from guys who NEVER compliment my outfits (and no its not revealing). So now I'm wondering...can 6 compliments make a shirt worth $60?

I very rarely get compliments on my outfits. It made me feel so good all day long. And I'm making money now, I'm single with no responsibilities. Why not reward myself? Plus, I used to spend hundreds of dollars on formals that I would wear once, maybe twice, and never again. This shirt is something I will actually wear. Its totally worth it.

Are you kidding me? Sure I may be making a little money now, but in 2 months I've got to go back to the world of the broke grad student. Being frivolous now is a stupid move. And will those 6 compliments really feel that good when I can't even afford to buy food at the end of next semester? Totally not worth it.

Any thoughts from my readers?


Anonymous said...

soooo worth it, emily. you're a female. you're entitled. (this coming from the girl who stays at home with her kds and does nothing...unless she's out spending her husband's money.) ~shei

Ashley said...

Ok, if you spent $62 each week buying a shirt, I might think twice...but ONE that you can honestly say you "LOVE", (not just that its "ok") is definitely justifiable. (sp?)
You work hard, you deserve a splurge every now and then.
I say good for you. Post a pic of you in your shirt! I LOVE that store!! :)

SubBlogger said...

I would like a photo of you and shirt!

Velcro said...

Em, of course there's a lesson to be learned in all of this, but only you know the answer.

I have, however, found a great store in Dallas called The Buffalo Exchange. It's on the corner of Greenville & McCommas off of 75.

They have designer brands (Prada, Citizens, Seven, Vuitton, Ben Sherman) at drastically reduced prices.

It's like a Goodwill for Top Brand items. You may want to check it out when you're in the area.

Anonymous said...

These six are just the first of many compliments you will get. You could tell from a distance how great that shirt is. Now, when you wear it, do you feel like a million bucks because you know how cute you look and that everyone else is noticing same? If the answer is yes then it's worth AT LEAST 62 bucks. You have our permission to stop feeling guilty. Go with it, girl!

Alice McD

Allyson said...

Ummm...need I even comment? I think you know full well what my 2 cents will be! Keep the dang thing! "Retail therapy"...what?? Make your cousin proud! :) BTW, I'm baaaaaaaaaack!

Megan said...

Keep it! You can't put a price on the self esteem boost you will get every time you put that shirt on. Every girl deserves at least one outfit that makes her feel pretty on not pretty days.

And I really want to see a picture of you in this shirt!

stacey4 said...

I am with everyone else. You definately deserve it!!! It is always nice to have a few new things that you feel good in and if those few things happen to cost a little more then so be it! I love White House Black Market BUT I don't allow myself to go in b/c it is SO over priced. Enjoy the shirt!! Worry with the lack of funds later!!

hr said...

Keep it, and think of it not in terms of $60 but in cost per wear. One expensive thing you love, that you can always go to in a crunch, is worth sixty ten dollar shirts that are never quite right. (And congrat son the good find!)

Mommy said...

I say do it. Always buy the expensive shirt, especially if it makes you feel good!! :) AND if it looks good.

Plus I love white/black..what an awesome store