Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Not just a pretty face here... :)

I've got the brains too!

In case you haven't heard, it is HOTTTT here in Texas. Like, the high was 106 both yesterday and today and is forecasted at 104 tomorrow. We have parking garages at Sabre and usually its not hard to find a spot; a lot of people would park in the surface lots too. Not right now. I got to work before 9 am and the entire garage was full at my building. So I had to park on the roof level. At the 2 of the roof corners, there are towers where the elevator shaft and stairwells are. One of these had some shade this morning and of course all of the cars up there were right around it, hoping for a bit of the shade. I thought to myself, "What good does it do to have shade now? It will still be an oven when I get OUT of work." So I went and parked at the other tower, all by myself and in full sun exposure just to see (and maybe a little out of bitterness that I hadn't gotten to the shade first...). So when I came out to my car this evening, here is what I found:

The poor suckers who parked in the shade this morning

My Durango in the beautiful, beautiful shade! Haha! I win!


Ty said...


Of course, you knew that: You're smart.

Lindsey said...

HA! Good work.

Maggie said...

this conferms what I already knew:
you really are the smartest girl alive :)

Jeremy Lamb said...

High today in NJ, 83...Thinking about going to the shore for the weekend. Forecast; sunny and 76

SubBlogger said...

Ve git too soon oldt and too late schmart! (but not Emily)

Emily said...

As I said my last email to you Jeremy - I hate you. :)