Thursday, July 27, 2006


Two absolutely heinous crimes were committed tonight. I am not a happy camper.

1. Allison Holker was eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance. She should have been the overall winner. Its ridiculous.

2. They announced the dates for the SYTYCD tour (thats what the screenshot is). I know you can't read any of the locations in the picture, but if you go to the website and look, none of the performances get anywhere even CLOSE to Texas or the south (no, Florida does not count as the south.) I actually wanted to go!

So I guess its time for ***Shameless Plug of the Month!***
Anyone want to Meet Me In one of the locations for the SYTYCD tour? And I'm really not kidding either. Just leave me a comment and let me know!!


Ty said...

I could come along and make them laugh 'till tears are streaming down their faces and they can't breathe (but I think I'd rather hit myself with the wrong end of a claw hammer).

Maggie said...

I totally agree! I was sure they would come to Dallas and I wanted to go see them. Ali was my fav grl. That really stinks. What was up w/ Travis crying his head off about her? I thought Ivan would be the one super upset she was gone! And whay did she use Travis in her final solo? Are they dating? I watched here solo 3 times and I am convinced they are together- then when the credits were rolling all the other people were hugging and talking, except Alli and Travis- they were dancing this mega dance together all alone and then everyone started watching them. Go back and look at it (if you saved it). Do you know anything about them dating?
Do you not LOVE Benji! We should find him and you can marry him- he is the greaest thing I have ever seen. He makes my heart so happy. He should learn not to touch his cousin so much thought when they are not dancing- kinda weird!

Velcro said...

Not able to... but I'll tell everyone I know Emily, who is the one who is killing everyone else in the competition. Just don't wipe out, like that one albino kid did!

hr said...

HOLY CRAP. They're coming to NYC. Emily, you and I may not have ever met...but dude, our (extremely comfy, brand-new) couch has your name ALL OVER IT for October 4, along with that of any other SYTYCDfans who may wish to Meet Up. I am so not kidding!

And Maggie--I was totally scared too when they announced the cousins would be mambo-ing. That sent up huge ick-flags for me. I was SO glad the choreography was not too clingy and yucky! (I'm guessing they're one of those touchy families though.)

Lindsey said...

I just watched it. I'm mad. I'm really mad. I started shouting. Then I kept talking about how this is the one time in life that i really want to throw something at the tv. what has the world come to?

SubBlogger said...

I like Travis! Yes, I think I can dance.