Friday, August 04, 2006

How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

You know those people that are just lucky and things seem to work out for them without them actually having to do anything? I have decided that I am NOT one of those people.

Lets all remember by 7 interviews before getting on at Sabre, being passed around and really having to work to get where I am. I chalked this up to my lack of work experience - I was at a disadvantage compared to others. So now I'm in my job, its getting to be the end of the summer, several of my fellow interns are getting offers to extend their internships into the next semester, and I have heard nothing from my boss. I only have class 2 days a week next semester, so I would really like to work.

I finally decide I had just better ask if there was an opportunity. My boss said that he had never had an intern stay on during the semester before, but that he would see what he could do. Three days later, I get the offer to extend! Of course in between there was a lot of confusion, apparently the processes had already started for the end of my internship and now have to be reversed, but its all okay. And it was frustrating because rather than just having my position naturally be extended like a lot of other people, I actually had to proactively make this happen. And what made it even more frustrating is that my best friend at work IS one of those people who things just happen for...they were talking about her extension in the first week of her job!

So this is how I've come to the conclusion that I am not one of those people that things are just going to happen for. Its not work experience holding me back anymore, its just a fact of life. I know that I am going to have to fight for everything that I get, and thats okay. But if I have only learned one thing this summer, it is if you want something, go for it. Make it happen. Cause the worst thing that can happen in asking for what you want is for someone to tell you no and you go away knowing that you did absolutely everything you could....but it could turn into a job for the next semester. :)

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Maggie said...

good for you! I am such a baby about those types of things, way to stand up for yourself. You are a smartie.