Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Rangers Experience

Several times yesterday, I would start writing a post and realize, "This is no where near as good a story as Maggie's post!" and would stop. Until now. Last night was the second most fun baseball game I've ever been to (#1 being when Katie, Lindsey, and I got a ball from Greg). Lets replay my experience by the numbers:

8 runs scored by the Rangers in the 3rd inning

7 people ejected from the game

6 of my friends that I got to stand up and sing when they played "Deep in the Heart of Texas"

5 dollars for a large Dr. Pepper :(

4 times in a row that I have chosen the losing color in the dot race

3 batters hit purposely by pitchers

2 homeruns by the Rangers in the 3rd inning

1 dollar to get a hot dog last night :)

0 people left on the bench/in the bullpen once Kennedy charged the mound
Definitely an exciting game!


brandonckennedy said...

Very cool!

BTW your link to "Got a ball from Greg" is broken (need an "h" before the "ttp:")

Emily said...

Thanks brandon....fixed it. Not that interesting though...just a former post.

Maggie said...

thats awesome those games are usually boring- you picked a winner though!