Monday, August 07, 2006

Life + Flashing + Eyes = NOT GOOD!!!

Returing to the fabulous "I Click Stuff Too" post, a website told me that my date of death is Friday, July 14, 2062. This was before I became a commuter. I now believe that my death date has been moved up immensely and is now accompanied by an exact location: The intersection of Hwy 121 and I-35 trying to merge onto I-30.
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This map shows what I have to do everyday in red along with what the rest of the world has to do in blue. You can see where there is a little bit of conflict. When I get off of 121 every day on the way home, I have to cross over 6 lanes of traffic, 3 of which are merging as well, to get into the correct lane to exit onto I-30. And the other 5 lanes are trying to merge in the opposite direction because the I-30 lanes are exit only. And the merging lanes are usually full of semis because it is heading South on 35. And the really fun part: I have about 30 seconds to do it.


Ryan said...

You could move to Midland. All I have to dodge on my commute are tumbleweeds and people running red lights.

Mom said...

Okay, I will stop "blog stalking" and reply to this one...especially since your health and well being are in question here!

Forget the merge. Go straight onto Belknap and go through downtown to Forrest Park and then onto I 30. Besides it will give you an opportunity to stop off at PF Changs whenever you want!

By the way, what's with those funky letters at the bottom. I'm assuming that we don't have to find that particular font.
Love you!

Lindsey said...

I would cry....everyday....or at least whine.

I hit a car once, it was because of a situation like that. Well, it wasn't a car, it was a big Sara Lee truck. Sara Lee gave me free pound cake, it was delicious.

Emily said...

Mom - i am seriously cracking up at the letters part of the comment! Welcome to the blog world. :)

And I go Belknap about half the time, but there are days that driving all the way through downtown only to hit traffic again on 30 on the other side just doesn't appeal - I'd rather get in the flow of I-30 earlier. Sure it risks my life, but if I save a whole 30 seconds, who cares, right? :)

SubBlogger said...

Emily- you are a big girl now. Commuting is El Sucko.

Ashley N said...

I saw a book at Barnes and Noble yesterday that reminded me of your last post...maybe you should read it :)

Its called Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office 101.