Sunday, August 13, 2006

Roomie Weekend 2006!

When I graduated last May, it was the end of an era. It was the end of the fabulous Apt 524 roomies that were together all 4 years of college. So when we left, we all agreed to have at least one weekend a year where we all get together to do something NOT associated with ACU (so Homecoming, Sing Song, and other ACU events don't count.) This was that weekend! My old roomies all came to Fort Worth and stayed with me last night for our first annual event. Deborah came from Houston, Lindsay from Abilene, and Nichole from Dallas. I treated them all to a dinner at P.F. Changs (because I"m the bad roommate who hadn't bought anyone a birthday present yet....) and then we went to Pete's Dueling Pianos in Downtown. From there I proceeded to tell one of the piano guys that it was Lindsay's birthday (it really is this week) and for a nice little tip, he called her up on stage and had her sit on the piano while everyone sang "You've lost that lovin feeling" to her. We also had our traditional late-night Whataburger taquito run (which we used to do at least twice a week) and then had lunch together today. All in all, it was truly a fabulous weekend!


Ashley N said...

So fun!! I got sung to on the piano at Pete's for my 21st...they sang Babyface to me...its such a fun place! That's so great that you all make the time to get together.

Maggie said...

looks like yall had so much fun! that's awesome :)