Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Healthy = Disgusting

I have a confession to make. I hired a personal trainer. I had a trial membership at 24 hour fitness for a couple of weeks and upgraded yesterday to a full membership with a personal trainer for 5 sessions. I wasn't planning on telling anyone because a) chances are I'll probably flake out on it like i usually do and b) with Stephen's new blog format and Lindsey chiming in and saying that she joined a gym, it would look like I was just jumping on the bandwagon when it is actually just that two weeks ago I saw an old friend who is built like me that was all skinny and cute and it took away my "I'll never be able to look that good because she's not my body type" excuse that I usually use when coveting someone else's figure. The next day I started my free trial. But thats not what I'm here to blog about today. I just had to admit to that fact because otherwise you'd think that I bought the bars that i'm about to talk about on my own accord, and joining a gym is much less embarrassing than buying horrible health bars in free will.

So with my personal training package, they gave me a big box full of Apex Quick Energy bars and cookies and shakes, etc. I've never been much for the health bars, but I brought one to work with me today thinking it might be a good snack at the end of the day before I go work out. And they were free! So 3:30pm hits, my afternoon tiredness sets in, and I think "Hmm...time for some Quick Energy." I pulled out the bar that had the most promising name - Oatmeal Raisin. The picture on the outside shows actual oats and actual raisins, so I'm thinking granola bar. They were thinking fake-icing covered powerbar. If there are 2 things that I hate, they are fake icing and powerbars. I've been sitting here trying to eat this thing, I've eaten about 2 bites and can't take anymore. It is absolutely disgusting. It says "an excellent meal replacement bar" on the side....it'll replace a meal cause after 1/2 bite you lose your appetite! This is just affirming my theory that people who buy health food, shakes, bars, etc. are insane.


Maggie said...

you are so funny. Choc. & Peanut butter Slim fast snack bar is the best thing ever. It tastes just like a butterfinger. I love them. Try one my parents have tons at thier house.

Chelsie said...

Yeah for 10 months!!!

hr said...

Two words: Luna Bar. Way tastier.