Thursday, July 06, 2006

Guest Blogger Today! (seriously we got this email at work. ha!)

Hello Luverlys,

It’s the Roaming Gnome here. I was absolutely gobsmacked when I heard I was up for election into the Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame. Have you had a chance to stuff the ballot box for me yet? I’d hate to think of the ribbing I’d receive from my fellow gnomes if I lost out to those pesky Keebler Elves.

It would be smashing if you could vote for lil ol’ me. And since they’re keeping me honest with only one vote per computer, I’d be tickled pink if you pass this link along to your family and friends:

Toodle Pip for now,

The Roaming Gnome


hr said...

I voted! Tell the gnome I was almost swayed by Charlie the tuna at the last minute but I stayed true.

Ashley said...

Hey Woman,

I tried calling you last night...I need your advice about something. I guess since you're always out with the smarty grad school peeps, you don't have time to answer your phone for your old friends!! :) Just kidding!
Miss you lots!! Call me soon!

Stuben said...


Allison said...

hey! our street is right off hulen by altamesa church. we are really excited. where do you go to church? hope youre doing great!

Ty said...

I'd vote for him, but I am very suspicious about the way he always keeps his hand in his pocket; years from now, when his unofficial biography comes out, I don't want to find out that I voted for a pervert.