Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Big One!

The Colonial has come and gone...I spent the last 6 days driving fully loaded Cadillac Escalades (sooooo cool!) around in circles and meeting a lot of neat people. I didn't have any Teixiera sightings this year, but I did meet a lot of cool people. Here are a couple of stories from the week:

1. As people get in the car, I usually try to make some small talk and learn about the people. I'll ask if they're there following a particular golfer, what they do for a living, etc. Well on Friday, a couple gets in my car and for some reason, the question came out of my mouth, "So are any of your favorites on the leaderboard today?" Never asked that question before, but it just came out. The man said "Awww, no our guy was awful today!" and the lady hit him and said "Oh you be quiet!" So I said "Who is it that you are following." The lady's response: "Our son is in 2nd place today." It was Stewart Cink's parents! I ended up driving them the next day too. They were really nice. Cink ended the tournament tied for Fourth along with Ben Crane, whose caddy I drove on Wednesday. :)

2. I drove the owner of Patron Tequila and Captain Morgan Rum today. He got in my car and we were talking about his company, their tequila, etc. If you don't know, Patron is a very expensive tequila and is apparently "really smooth" (whatever that means.) So I joked with him saying "You should have brought some free Patron to tip your driver with." He thought that was really funny, and we talked more on the drive back to his car. When we got to his car, he said "So what is your name?" I said "Emily." He said "Emily, I am about to make your day." And hands me this:
Two years of driving at the Colonial and on the last day, the second to last person I drive, I finally get one of the legendary $100 tips! I didn't think they actually existed! He definitely made my day - actually made my week! I finally got The Big One. :)

I may post more stories later this week as they come to me. Stay tuned to hear tales of drunken idiots.


Velcro said...

Congrats on the Benjamin. Now you have a great excuse to try some Patron & Captain Morgan... You'll have something more to talk about next year!

Emily said...

I've tried Patron, I just don't know what "really smooth" means. I've never understood all those terms. :)

Gina said...

That is probably the least-dirty $100 tip story I've ever heard. Congratulations on not having to do anything (or anyone) filthy for the cash!

How's that for a first (or maybe second) post?

Ty's Sister

Velcro said...

Em ~ I hear what you're saying. Some of my friends are Wine & Cocktail Coinnoseurs, but I never really get it. Either it tastes good to me or it doesn't.
Gina ~ I'll have to agree with you, although the thought never crossed my mind until you mentioned it.