Tuesday, November 04, 2008

How About a Little Respect?

Last week, I went and exercised my right to vote. We have the luxury of being able to vote in secret, but I will tell you that I voted for John McCain. But I'm not here to talk about why McCain should win - people have made up their minds on that issue already and there are like, 1 1/2 hours left in the polls. Plus, I don't think anyone cares about my opinion on that! :)

What has made me really frustrated today is not who people are voting for. I'm pretty sure Obama is going to win. I'm frustrated at the lack of respect that people have and how divisive the whole voting process becomes. Throughout today, I have been reading horrible attacks on supporters of either candidate on blogs, facebook, myspace, etc. Obama supporters implying that people who don't vote for him are idiots, racist, just plain wrong, and so on. McCain supporters implying that people who don't vote for him are uneducated, lazy, just plain wrong, etc. The truth of the matter is, both candidates are great men. Yes, they have differing philosophies; yes, they focus on different things. You can take both platforms and spin them to be the best, state the same fact in two different ways to support different conclusions. That's just how politics is and always will be. Remember that millions of people are voting on the opposite side of you and that those millions of people aren't wrong - they're just voting on different things.

My best friend at work, Lauren, is voting for Obama. We are able to recognize that both of us are intelligent, we both make the same amount of money, we have the same education, we're both white females...we have just interpreted the two platforms differently. And when we show up for work tomorrow, neither of us is going to think any less of the other for our decision. And frankly, if we let who we vote for define us as people, we don't deserve each other's friendship.

Whether our next president is Obama or McCain, the world is going to keep on spinning tomorrow. I don't care who you vote for, but don't attack my decision and I won't attack yours.


icook said...

I TOTALLY AGREE. Even though I voted for McCain as well, I respect that there are other people who didn't. And if McCain wins, I will not have a negative bumper sticker on my car. I couldn't hardly watch the conventions because they were so negative- don't tell me how bad the other people are, tell me what you ARE going to do and why you are different. All the negativity drives me crazy. Plus, I think whoever is President, you have to respect the position.

Anonymous said...

Amen Emily, Amen.

Bogle said...


Jenn said...

great post! i have a friend, well i think she's still a friend... lol that is so pro john mcCain to the point that all she does is say horrible, i mean despicable things about obama.
now that it's over i think about those things she said and it makes me sad. she is also a noticibly sore loser. i mean, what if john mccain won and people were saying the things she says? it would be just as distasteful but worse in her eyes. seems so biased to me. her questions to me were but what about your kids? what about your kids? i was like, hello! my kids are mixed! my husband is black, this is history being made before our eyes! a black man, a widower/single good father, a war hero POW and a woman!!! this is history! but she wasn't having it.