Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What does this say about me?

I have a quick links bar set up on my laptop so I can have one click access to my favorite websites. Here is a screenshot

In case you can't read them, here they are from left to right:

1) Myspace.com. I haven't checked myspace in at least six months and haven't updated my page in much longer than that.

2) Gmail. My lifeline. I check this email obsessively. Legitimate link.

3) TCU Mail. I stopped checking this about 2 months after I graduated. My account got shut down one year after I graduated. It's been shut down for 8 months now.

4) Sabre Webmail. Work. Only email I check more than Gmail...second legitimate link.

5) Ryan's Blog. The first blog I really followed of a good family friend. He stopped blogging and actually deleted his blog at least a year ago, maybe longer.

6) Woot One Day, One Deal. I haven't checked to see what the deal of the day is in probably a year and half.

So now for the 2 big questions:
1) what does it say about me that of my self-proclaimed 6 most important links, only two of them are actually legitimate?

2) What does it say about me that instead of taking this 10 minutes to delete the links and replace them with real ones, I would rather make a screenshot and blog about it, showing how truly lazy I am?


Ann said...

It sounds like you have a lot going on. Maybe blogging about it will push you in the right direction. I have a email that I go to every once in a blue moon.

SIT-Saucy Talk...I'm having another give-a-way on my blog....stop by if you have the time. :D

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

i find it very funny that you blogged about it instead of changing it. did it get a change AFTER the blog was complete? hehe

Tiffany said...

So, did you change it? Maybe it's kind of like a closet in your house that needs cleaned out but it just never happens. I have closets like that!

Emily said...

Nope. Still not changed. :)

French Blue Home said...

Oh, Em; you make me laugh. ...Because I'm the same way...

Michelle said...

Mine include, but are not limited to, ebay, blogger, people.com, and craig's list.

Scares me how I spend my time.