Friday, February 18, 2005

Sing Song....AHHHHH

I'm already discovering how bad I am at this! The problem is that when interesting stuff happens, I am usually too busy to think about writing, and when my day is boring, I have time galore.

Sing Song week is about to kill me. Nichole and I are in charge of the costumes for our Kojie act and it has been stressful to no end. Just imagine putting probably 50 or more hours into a project, showing it to the people who are going to be wearing it, and then not having anyone tell you they like it at all until the day before the show starts. Now everything is good because everyone likes them and is telling us, but for about two weeks we were so worried that everyone hated them.

Then add to all of that white feather boas (we're chickens). I ordered white feather boas and red turkey flat feathers for our costumes from a place in California. They promised me that the boas would be in by Tuesday at the latest. Dress rehearsal is Wednesday. Called them Tuesday, they said they should be there by Wednesday morning. Called them Wednesday and, no lie, they tell me that they haven't even been shipped yet! So I had to get someone to cover my shift at work, call about 30 different party stores in DFW, and spend my day driving to Rockwall and Fort Worth to pick up feather boas. It was totally God helping us out though, because the white boas were perfect and I had a flash of inspiration to put puffs of red feather boas on top of our heads like the head feathers of a chicken and it TOTALLY completes the costume. The red is so much better than what we would have gotten from them. I have been in a good mood for 2 days straight because of the red feathers and nothing could get me out of it, not even 110 Kojies telling me all of the things they are missing from their costumes!!

On an unrelated note...I submitted my TCU application for the MBA program yesterday! My admissions interview is Feb. 28. Pray for me!

P.S. Its the Chinese year of the Rooster. Kojies are totally going to win Sing Song this year!

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