Monday, July 04, 2005

I'm A Big Girl Now!

So, its been awhile since my last post. Life has been crazy and everyone who reads this knows how much happened last week. In addition to all of that, I went apartment hunting twice and I think I have found THE one! Finding my new apartment has really made me feel like an adult of some sorts and got me thinking about my life in Abilene.

All through life, we have a lot of "training" items. Training wheels on bicycles, training pants for potty training, training bras for preteen girls. I think of my apartment in Abilene as a training apartment. It was a real apartment that goes on my credit report and everything because it isn't actually owned by ACU, but it was on campus and had an RA in each building in case you needed anything. After 2 years of that though, I am ready to move on up to the real thing. My apartment will be on River Park drive off of Bryant Irvin (not the busy Target end, the ridglea end). I will actually have to drive to school instead of walking - okay, thats not great, but thats life. I'm growing up and having to move into the world where there are more bills than electric and my university can't decide which television stations to shelter me from (MTV - here I come!) Look out world! Emily is taking off the training wheels!


Lindsey said...

Congrats Emm! OK did you realize you posted this twice? Have a GREAT day!

Joanie said...

"big" girl? are you sure?

Jennifer Meachem said...

my first apartment was so much fun. i remember turning down the thermostat, leaving the refrigerator door open and just staring in it, leaving the front door open for multiple seconds at a time and air conditioning texas, ahhhhhh, the freedom

arrrrghhh, the bill!

Emily said...

Thanks Lindsey! I don't know how that happened!