Monday, November 28, 2005

2nd Busiest Travel Day of the Year

This week, I acted as Emily's Airport Shuttle to my friends who live out of state. So I battled airport traffic on Wednesday afternoon - not fun. But even more not fun was yesterday. I picked up my first friend at 8 am at Love field. Traffic wasn't great there. But then I got to go to DFW! The wind was really strong, so all of the flights got delayed, which was nice in one manner because people who weren't supposed to get in at the same time landed within 15 minutes of each other, but the last flight for me was supposed to come in at 9:30 and it came in at 11:04pm. I felt so bad for my friends - one sat boarded on the airplane in Baltimore for an hour before it took off and then had to sit for 35 minutes after they landed before they were taxied to the gate. Having bad traffic at the airport is bad under any circumstance, but on the 2nd busiest travel day of the is absolutley horrific. Cars were lined up in every lane in the passenger pick up areas so no one could move. I was smart and went into the parking garage, so there was no traffic. But in the end, it was all worth it to see my friends again and get them home safely. Happy Monday-After-Thanksgiving!

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Allyson said...

Dude, I so feel your pain. I had to drive down to DeSoto to pick up Alicia yesterday morning, then drop her off all the way out in Richardson!! You were about 3 minutes from my house when you were at Love know, the COOL part of town!! :)