Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jiffy Pop

Interesting thing about my new house....I don't have a microwave. My apartments always came with microwaves and although I know a microwave costs all of $50, I just have always decided there are other things that I'd rather spend my money on. So I decided that I would wait until I just couldn't handle it anymore and I'd go get one. That hasn't really happened yet, but every now and then I wish I had one to make popcorn. So tonight when I was walking through the grocery store and saw stovetop popcorn, I just couldn't resist!

Coming from the Scream generation, I definitely looked over my shoulder more than once while I was making it. And when my phone rang in the middle, I just let it go to my answering machine. Luckily I don't have a "huge football player boyfriend" to find tied up and gutted in my backyard, so I got to make my popcorn in peace. :)

So now the real question: was it as good as microwave popcorn? Eh, not really. But it wasn't bad and it definitely satisfied my craving tonight!


Megan said...

I bought jiffy pop once in the dollar spot at target, and i was really disappointed in it. it looked so yummy in scream...until it burned, anyway.

here's a link where you can buy that fabric...i'm a little obsessed with it, too! they have it several different colors.

Emily said...

Thanks Megan!! I spent an hour at Joann's today being SUPER disappointed in their fabric choices. Nothing cute at all.