Monday, April 07, 2008

And All That Jazz!

For our 3rd Annual Roomie Weekend, my college roommates and I decided to go to Chicago. Lindsay is living right outside in DeKalb while her fiance is in grad school at NIU. And as an added bonus, we were there over St. Patricks Day!

After we landed and Lindsay picked us up from the airport, we headed to M. Henry's for brunch. This place was featured on the Food Network for having the best brunch in America, and I have to say I agree! It was fantastic!

Then we headed over to the St. Patty's Day festivities....saw the green river, watched a portion of the parade (it was not interesting), and went through Millenium Park to see that big cloud sculpture thing.

Lindsay, Deborah, me, and Nichole
In the center of the sculpture at Millenium ParkMe, Nichole, Deb, Lindsay in front of the Millenium Park sculpture We did some shopping in the city and attempted to go to an Irish Pub for some green drinks, but quickly discovered that was going to be impossible. Every place that was halfway Irish (including Bennigan's) had a line around the block or was so packed you couldn't move. So we went back to DeKalb and went to an Irish Pub there. Ryan (Lindsay's Fiance) and I had Irish Car Bombs

And the rest had a green shot of some sort. We also drank a little green beer and sang some songs with everyone there.
The rest of the long weekend was pretty low-key. Sunday we went to church, made dinner, and had a game night for Ryan's birthday, Monday we went shopping for bridesmaids dresses, and more than anything we just hung out like old times. Then we had our fun adventure getting home. My old roomies are the type of friends where no matter how long its been since we talked, every time we get back together it is like we've never been apart. I love these girls!


Ashley said...

So glad ya'll had such fun!! :) Looks like it was a great weekend!Miss you lots!

Anonymous said...

That first pic is awesome... Should win an award. Glad you had a good time.

What's in an Irish Car Bomb?

Kinda like a Jaeger Bomb?

Emily said...

Not quite. You put Jameson and Bailey's in a shot glass and drop that in a glass of Guiness...then its a race to finish it first (because it overflows). Sounds gross, but it really tastes like chocolate milk in my opinion. Wouldn't recommend too many of them though! :)

Maggie said...

glad you had fun!