Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bad Bad Day

Today I hit a dog while I was driving to church for a rehearsal. It was devastating. I didn't run over him and I went back to get him. He was just moaning when I picked him up and for the first 15 minutes in the car (rush hour...couldn't get anywhere quickly). But he really rebounded and was SOOO much better by the time we got to the only emergency vet open in the area (about 45 minutes later). He was looking around and sitting up and stuff.

Its amazing how quickly a bond forms in a "crisis". I think he is going to be okay. If I still had Oliver, I would have kept this dog too. Unfortunately, I can't do that. He was definitely a stray and the vet said they would keep him overnight, get him all fixed up, and then turn him over to the humane society. Its so hard having to put ANOTHER dog out there and never get to know how he is again. Even though we were only together for an hour, it was almost as hard to see him go as it was with Oliver. I would have named him Hercules because he survived being hit by a freaking car...he must be strong! Needless to say, I am sad tonight. I feel like I just gave up my puppy all over again. :(


Ashley said...

Awww...that is so sad! I hope he's ok and I hope that a good family finds him at the Humane society...are you sure you shouldn't adopt him?? Maybe you bonded for a reason!!! :)

Emily said...

Believe me...I've thought about it more than once!! If I still had Oliver it wouldn't even be a thought, I'd just do it. But the fact that I just gave him up - 1. It would make me miss Oliver even more, 2. I'd probably end up with the same allergy problem again. I am just trusting that he'll find a good home and I know that regardless, he'll be better off than on the streets like he was!

hr said...

You did the right thing! That puppy is lucky you were the one who came by.