Sunday, June 29, 2008

New York and back in 24 hours

Well, my New York trip turned out not at all like I expected! I got really sick my first night there and had to change my flight and come home the next morning. So basically I got to do none of the things that I had planned! But I did accomplish a couple of things.

We'll start with Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: I went to the audition. It starts out with probably 100 people in a room taking a 30 question multiple choice test. You have 10 minutes to take the test on a scantron, then they score them and announce the people who pass. Most of the questions were really easy, but some were just so random! My favorite was "Which of these events occurred earliest in the calendar year: A) O.J. Simpson Verdict; B) D-Day; C) JFK Assassination....I can't remember the last choice, but you get the point. Crazy! Well, I didn't pass. From what I could remember and look up later, I think I missed 4 maximum, maybe only 3. So they're looking for near perfection.

After the test I talked to Holly Root. We were originally going to meet up that night, but she wasn't feeling well so I decided to see a Broadway show and then we were going to figure something out on Friday. So I succeeded in crossing #8 off the THE List

8. See a Broadway Show

It was even more special to me because my first Broadway show happened to have one of my best friends from High School, Phoebe Strole in it. The show was great, and seeing her on stage made me so happy. I started crying during the first number that she's in and I'm sure the people next to me thought I was crazy because it wasn't a particularly sad number! I regained my composure for the rest of the show though. :)

That was pretty much the end of my New York trip. My sickness started to kick in during the second act and by the time I got back to my hotel, I was just dying. I was so sad! I was planning on doing some sightseeing, Phoebe and I had plans to meet up for lunch, I was going to see Holly and Jonathan and hopefully see Jonathan in Avenue Q that night...instead I got to fly back early. Blah.

I did get to do one other thing that has recently been added to THE List, but I'll blog about that tomorrow because this is getting really long! To sum it all up - I had a great time in New York for the ~24 hours that I was there. Didn't get to do much, but I did enough to know that I really liked it and will definitely be going back!


Lindsey said...

Thanks for stopping by! I'm so jealous you got to see Spring Awakening. Was is amazing? Did you see Phoebe after the show? You know she's about to leave the show, right?!

Lynn Leaming said...

So...some of these people I see on Millionaire who lose on the $1000 question actually scored better than you on the test??? That makes no sense. Sorry you got sick and didn't get your whole weekend, but glad you saw the positive in it all anyway. Hope you are much better now?

Emily said...

I didn't get to see Phoebe at all...I told her I was coming to see the show on Friday but came Thurs. instead. I thought I'd just see her at the stage door after, but she didn't come out that door that night and then I got sick so we couldn't meet up Friday. :( Yeah, I heard about 3 days after I got back that she was leaving! I'm glad I got to see it before she left!

And Lynn, I'm almost 100% now. Just a little annoying cough left.

hr said...

I'm so glad you got to see SA...I always cry at broadway shows too, even when they're not sad! All the music and talent gets me (and when I have friends in the show, x100). And glad you feel better too...thanks a bunch, millionaire.