Monday, August 18, 2008

The Hills: By The Numbers

Recap, intro, and "next time": 3 minutes
Commercials: 13 minutes
Actual show: 16 minutes

Really? A 32 minute show and only half of it was the actual show?

I just find it amusing that I watch a "hit show" for the first time and all I can pay attention to is the fact that there is very little actual show to it.


hr said...

All I know is...The Hills are alive with the sounds of awkward silences. I too thought I'd give it a shot and gave up after LC's date, which was possibly the *least* exciting thing I've ever seen on TV. At least on soaps they hire people who can remember more than three lines at a time. Also, what was up with the "now playing" at the bottom of the screen? Not to be all "kids today" but wow--ADD much?

Adam said...

7 letters: TV ON DVD