Friday, April 10, 2009

Back for real this time!

Okay, okay, I'm back to blogging for real this time!!  Lots to catch you up on....Roomie Weekend 2009, trip to Vegas with my dad, Maverick the Wonder Puppy, and.....drumroll please....crossing another item off THE List!  

To start off though, here are a couple of pictures of my latest cake creation.  Actually cupcake creations.  We had a Spring Festival at work where people could bring their kids to the office for pictures with the "Big White Bunny" (politically correct Easter Bunny), watch a magic show, play some games, and have an "Egg Hunt".  I made Bunny Cupcakes for the big event.

They have Orbit gum for teeth, a jellybean nose, and white chocolate ears.  At first I didn't think they were going to turn out like I had hoped, but they ended up really cute!  Without further ado, here they are. :)


Lynn Leaming said...

Adorable cupcakes. You didn't say what the cheeks are made of?? And while I know the ears are white chocolate, what kind is it?

Emily said...

Cheeks are made of icing using #12 tip (basically really big dot tip). The white chocolate was just plain...melted in a double boiler, shaped on wax paper and hardened in the freezer for about an hour.