Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SYTYCD Recap - Top 20

I've decided I'm going to jump in this year on the So You Think You Can Dance redux postings.  And I'm committing to posting my opinions before I read Holly's...I think it will be fun to see how similar or different we really are!

Tonight I'm thoroughly annoyed.  A little thing called a tornado interrupted my life tonight - ruined the first hour of SYTYCD with "Storm Tracker" coverage!  So I am jumping in halfway through the evening. I joined in right after a waltz I believe.  Just as Mary admitted that she couldn't show expression tonight because of botox!!!  And it's definitely true...she is a little plastic...but I can't believe she just said that!!
Onto the dancers (that I get to see...)

Ashley & Kupono
Ashley - just cute as a button.  Auditioned four times and kept persevering.  I really like her.  Kupono - he's a little...interesting.  But he's not terribly annoying.  He's got some work to do to really win me over, but I don't dislike him.  THIS JUST IN!!! WADE ROBSON IS IN DA HOUSE!!!!!  After being out last season, he's back!  And he has his "muse" in the audience with him!  After being gone for a year he is back.  And seriously, how can you not like a dancer when they do a Wade Robson Routine?  I thought it was great.  I really didn't get the 'old dummy' thing from the dance, but I still loved it.  Judges loved it too. 

Melissa & Ade
SYTYCD is bringing out the big guns tonight!  Wade Robson and now Mandy Moore for choreography!!  If I find out I missed a Mia or TabNap dance for the storm, I'm going to be FURIOUS!  Melissa is our "naughty ballerina".  I"m a little skeptical...ballerina's typically don't do very well here - they tend to lack personality.  Ade - He's wearing a pick in his hair for his interview.  Strike one.  He'd better dance the heck out of this to win me over.  And they both did.  Mandy created a routine that literally gave me chills.  Not sure why - it wasn't the most amazing routine I've ever seen - but it did.  It played to his contemporary strengths and her ballet skills but still maintained to be...interesting.  My skepticism is still slightly there....let's get them into some hip hop and see if they can survive...but I'm excited to see where these two go.

Kayla & Max
This is definitely the sob story couple.  She was raised by her grandparents...he has a dead brother.   I appreciate what people have gone through, but its not going to make me like you if you can't dance.  BuBallroom guy and contemporary girl draw samba.  Lucky them!   And their choreographer, Louis, is GORGEOUS!! Double lucky them!  Haha. We all knew he was going to be great so the wild card was Kayla.  I give her an "huh, pretty dang good!"  There were a couple of spots that were a little sloppy to me, but I think I like them.  Adam Shankman LOVES it, Mary is screaming like a drunk freak for the hot tamale train (the bane of my existence)...Nigel likes it too...AND BRINGS UP THAT THERE WERE SPOTS THAT WEREN"T AS SHARP AS HE WOULD HAVE LIKED!! WHAT UP?? I CAUGHT IT TOO!  Sorry...I get really excited when I see something small that a judge brings up too.  Haha.  

So that's all I saw.  On the recap I notice: two hip hop routines that I wish I would have seen.  Doesn't look Shane Sparks but could be a TabNap.  Broadway that's probably a Tyce which I usually am 50/50 on liking.  Latin dance of some sort, eh.  Of course...they couldn't wait to get further into the season before jumping in on the "Slumdog" bandwagon with a dance to "Jai Ho"!  I'm sure it was probably disappointing, but I would have liked to see it.  This is when I wish Fox wasn't so stingy with YouTube so I could see what I missed!! 

My prediction: the three couples that I saw are safe.  The rest of my predictions are solely on the 2 second recap - I think bottom three will be Waltz couple (sorry...bad draw.  Waltz is boring), Latin dance couple to Poker Face (if that clip is the best you had...), and maybe Broadway couple.  If its one of my three, I'd guess Melissa and Ade.  I liked it, but it may not be compelling enough to pick up the phone for.

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Lynn Leaming said...

Not only did I miss it last night, I missed it tonight too because my tape didn't have enough space!! I thought I made sure it did but.... yes I know I need DVR. I am hoping for Katelyn (don't know how she spells it) just because I really liked her in the auditions. And I forget his name but one of the brothers.