Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thoughts From a Restless Soul

Tonight, I watched Under the Tuscan Sun - a movie starring Diane Lane that will make any female want to pack up and move.  I really need to avoid it from now on.  I love the movie - however idealistic it may be - but it gets me craving change so much that it is probably bordering on unhealthy.  Not kidding, the last time I watched it on TV, I started doing research.  I discovered that with the salary that I make now and my Master's degree, I can pretty much pack up and move to any country I want and qualify for a work visa without needing a company to sponsor me.  Tonight, I started looking at apartments in New York and Chicago - just seeing what I could afford for what I currently pay in my mortgage.

I think my urge to roam right now is magnified for a two main reasons:  
1. I have 3 couple friends (I'm friends with both) getting married this summer, plus 4 more couples that are engaged.  I think I have only have 3 people that I consider close friends who are totally single. In the meantime, I'm still single with absolutely no prospects or signs of anything changing any time soon.  I'm not really meeting any new people and don't have any friends that I see myself with.  So it feels like if I just move somewhere new and start over, I'll meet someone.  I know that's a ridiculous train of thought, but its what crosses my mind sometimes.

2. I'm approaching 2 years in my house.  For the last 10 years, I've moved every year or two.  The longest I've lived in the same spot was in grad school - August 2005 to May 2007.  Almost two years.  So it feels like it's time to move.  Obviously, I'm not planning on doing this since I own my house, but I do drive through different parts of the metroplex and see what I could buy if I were actually going to move.

A big part of me thinks that I'm just a restless person.  I'm always looking at what my next move is going to be - in work and in life.  But regardless of what I feel like should be next, I really am doing my best to enjoy where I am and savor what I'm doing right now.  And I know I've got it pretty good.  But it can't hurt to dream, right? :)

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Lynn Leaming said...

Nothing wrong with dreaming. I was 36 before I got married, and Steve didn't even come into the picture till I was 35. I know it's hard, but God's timing is perfect and He will bring you the desires of your heart. Hang in there!