Saturday, September 24, 2005

I Picked Up An Evacuee!!

Don't worry...not some random person off the side of the road.

Thursday afternoon, right after I got out of class, my cell phone rings. I answer it, and it is my college roommate Deborah! She lives in Houston with her family and she called me to tell me she was on I-35W just north of Fossil Ridge and that she would be in town until the hurricane left!

I know, a horrible hurricane shouldn't really be a reason to celebrate, but I don't care. The last day of April, Deborah moved out of our Abilene apartment and into an apartment in Montevideo, Uruguay and has only been back about a month, so this was the first time that I got to see her since her South American adventure. They spent one night at one of her parent's friend's house and then in the Hyatt Regency at DFW Airport. So yesterday, I picked Deb up from the airport and we went and hung out with some of my new friends (we had a Pee Wee Herman party....a whole other topic). Then this morning we went to the Galleria to meet Nichole for lunch before I came back to FW to watch the TCU game. It was a short visit, but was totally wonderful.

All of the news that we've seen about the hurricanes has been bad and telling how upset everyone is, and although I really do feel bad for the people hurt by the storms, Hurricane Rita gave me the best surprise present that I could ever ask for.

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