Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm Sick

So tomorrow I have my first MBA midterm, and today I turn up sick. Isn't life just grand? It always happens to me in the same way too:

Day 1 (yesterday): I sneeze all day long, probably about 30 times over the course of the day. And these sneezes actually hurt the back of my throat.

Day 2 (today): My tonsils and whatever else is in the back of my throat are swollen so it hurts to swallow and is hard to breathe

Day 3 (tomorrow - midterm day): Throat hurts worse AND the fatigue/sore muscles set in.

So as we can all see, I have somehow developed impeccable timing to ensure that I will be in bad shape on the day of my first test. No fun at all. :(


lfa tai chi blog said...

Hi, I liked your blog its my first time here! If you are interested, go see my Tai Chi related site. Its purley for peoples health.

All the best John

Trey Laminack said...

take 4 alka-seltzer and crumple them up in a sprite, drink rapidly, with twist of lemon. This suicide by expanding gasses will make you forget about tests.

(Also, turn on word verification.)

SubBlogger said...

No, I like Tai Chi and find it "purley" for my health. Ha! Get well soon. MC