Thursday, November 16, 2006


Ryan hasn't posted his weekly clicks yet, and I'm getting impatient. So here is my mini-version for the day:

In other news - I officially accepted a full-time offer today! In the spirit of a "this is what I clicked" post, I'll give you a quick rundown of my interview experience this semester.

  • I had interviews here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. (McKinsey, Dell, American Express, Kelloggs, FedEx, GM, MGM Mirage, American Airlines)
  • Got rejected by 2 companies officially (McKinsey and FedEx)
  • Pretty sure that one was a rejection by never hearing from them again... (American Express)
  • Think I'm about to get a rejection from this one (American Airlines)
  • Am still getting calls from two companies (Kellogg's and Dell)
  • And after all of that, decided that I really like where I am and accepted my full-time offer with Sabre! Ha! (I love the gnome...)

So thats all I have for today! Tune in tomorrow or Saturday for tales of an unusual camping trip!

P.S. - If you don't actually want to click on all those job links, I put cheats in white font so you can just highlight it. :)


Maggie said...

boo!!! I wanted you to work for american so we could fly for cheap!
What can Sabre do???

Emily said...

Actually all that could have happened with American was I could have flown 1st class to London for $100 while you and Ryan were stuck in coach for $600! :)

Sabre....well....we get Travelocity discounts, but they're really not great.

Ashley N said...

congratulations on the official job!