Monday, November 27, 2006

My Guilty Pleasure

I am such a sap, but I totally love this show. Every season it comes on, I tell myself its stupid and say I'm not going to watch it, but then I somehow always get sucked in. Tonight was the finale, and although he didn't pick the girl I really wanted him to, it was really a great season. This show and sappy Hallmark Christmas movies are the two things that make me wish I wasn't single. Then I watch Dr. Phil and feel better. Just kidding! (about the Dr. Phil thing.)

They showed the next bachelor and WOW. Usually I don't think the guys on the Bachelor are all that good looking (except Firestone. He was cute.), but this guy is HOT. Makes me wish I was skinny so I could apply! Just kidding again! Or am I....


Ashley N said...

I do the exact same thing...I really wasn't going to watch it this season but then my roommates watched it and forced me ;)

And I said the same about the next Bachelor...sign me up!

Ty said...

That idiot! He ruined the whole thing. Just when we had the whole reality- show- watching world convinced that women were just a little more shallow than men with the two Average Joe shows, he goes and picks the money-grubbing skinnier girl!

(BTW- you have those girls all beat with the cute and the smart)