Monday, December 04, 2006

Things That Make Me Smile - Holiday Edition

Just so that everyone doesn't think that I am immune to the Christmas spirit after my last post...I thought I'd list a few things about the Holidays that make me smile. :)

1. Sappy Hallmark Christmas movies

2. When its cold outside (possibly even snowing...contrary to #5 from yesterday) but I'm inside and warm with a fire in the fireplace and #1 on television.

3. Christmas trees!! And Christmas lights!! And anything shiny that involves Christmas!!

4 & 5. The following video includes two of my very favorites: SNL Christmas songs and The Muppet Christmas Carol! Best. Sketch. Ever.

Happy Holidays!! Only 16 shopping days left to have your online orders in time for Christmas!! :)


Velcro said...

I watched Studio 60 last night, and they did a sketch where Santa comes down the chimney with his bag of goodies and everything, and he's met by Chris Hansen from Dateline. It's To Catch A Predator, Holiday Edition. I thought that was hilarious! Have a good one!

Emily said...

I know! I watched that too! I wanted my original post to be the scene with the New Orleans jazz players performing O Holy Night in the closing scene of Studio 60, but couldn't find it anywhere. It was amazing.