Sunday, February 11, 2007

Open Poll

So I recently got a new Blackjack....Samsung's version of the Blackberry. I just discovered that rather than having to buy premade ringtones like you do for other phones, I can cut clips of music on my computer and then import them as an mp3 to be my ringtone! So now comes the difficult decision that I need your help on - what should my ringtone be? Keep in mind, it has to be something that I wouldn't be too mortified of if it went off during a meeting at work. TV themesongs are always fun, but I'm open to other songs too. Help me choose my ringtone!


Ryan said...

Mr. Roboto

Trey Laminack said...

Billy Joel My Life! "I don't care what you say anymore this is my life!" (Also known as the Bussom Buddies Theme Song.)

Maggie said...

Jesus Christ Super Star
Like a Virgin (if you go with this one you will need tap lights to carry in your bag?)

Lindsey said...

DANGITT MAGGIE! I was going to say Like A Virgin.

Ashley said...

Sorry...I can't resist!

I say use "Take a Chance, Take a Chance, Take a Chica-chan-chance!" :) Let everyone know that KJK forever pride! Hee hee!

The Root said...

"My Humps" by the Black-Eyed Peas
"Separate Ways" by Journey
"Why haven't I heard from you?" by Reba McIntire