Thursday, August 09, 2007

100 Things About Me

Okay Ashley, here is my 100 Things post. Hope they're not too boring!

  1. I am allergic to ketchup.
  2. My hair changes color depending on what I’m wearing or how the lighting is. People always ask me if I dye my hair.
  3. I am terrible at decorating but love a greatly decorated house/apartment
  4. I am a complete Television junkie…love to watch all the shows, read critics reviews, follow the Nielsen’s, etc.
  5. Not as big of a fan of movies. I really like a well written movie, but I am too ADD to sit through most of them.
  6. I think that any movie longer than 90 minutes should be banned.
  7. I made fun of Harry Potter until my old roommate Lindsay made me read books 1-4 before we went to see the first movie.
  8. I only read them because I thought Lindsay was cool and I wanted her to be my friend (we weren’t roomies at the time)
  9. Now I’m obsessed with Harry Potter. It and LOTR are the only movie series that can break #6.
  10. My eyes are blue with a ring of brown in the center (I’ve been told its called incomplete dominance)
  11. You rarely see the brown because my pupils are usually really big
  12. My eyes are ALWAYS red in pictures (see #11). This makes Lindsey Holder mad because I ruin group pics.
  13. I eat things around the edges so they maintain their original shape until the very end…especially things in circles (cookies, hamburgers, etc.) I don’t realize I’m doing it.
  14. I watch the Young and the Restless. Yes, I am a nerd.
  15. I also watch pretty much any reality show that comes on. I like things where people get voted off.
  16. It is my dream to go on the Amazing Race and the one summer that I actually was free and had a partner (my brother), they decided to do the stupid “Family Edition” and teams had to be 4 people.
  17. I love to travel, but I haven’t done it enough yet.
  18. I will know every word to every song on the radio, but cannot tell you the name of the song or who the artist is ever.
  19. I like being good at things and get really frustrated when I’m not
  20. My biggest fear in life is that I won’t be able to have a baby
  21. My second biggest fear in life is that other people will think I’m annoying
  22. When I think people are annoyed with me, I get really insecure and try to stay away from them so I won’t bug them. Then they usually think I’m mad at them. It’s a vicious cycle.
  23. I will never invite myself along or show up somewhere unless I am explicitly invited (see #21)
  24. I read tons of blogs but don’t comment because I think that people will be freaked out by it (see #21 again!)
  25. I have an amazing memory. I remember tiny details of everything that happens
  26. I remember everyone I meet….where we met, what we talked about, what they were wearing
  27. I usually pretend I don’t remember people so I don’t make them feel bad when they’re introducing themselves for the third or fourth time. :)
  28. My biggest pet peeve in life is passive aggressiveness
  29. My mom and I talk on the phone every day. Usually while we’re commuting (we both drive about 30 minutes to work).
  30. I love to clean (scrubbing things, sweeping, mopping), but hate to “pick up” and/or organize things.
  31. Therefore, my apartment, car, office, are pretty much always messy, no matter how good my intentions.
  32. My kitchen is usually spotless (lots of things to “clean”!)
  33. I didn’t realize that people would think it was weird to actually write a list of 100 things to do before I die. Oh well!
  34. My absolute only regret in buying my car is that I have to tell people I drive a Lexus. I get embarrassed and worry that people are judging me. (I get over it pretty quickly once I’m driving though!)
  35. I get lost all the time, but I am great at backtracking my steps
  36. I am great at reading maps though, and never get lost when I have a map
  37. I will never buy another car without a navigation system again. It has changed my life.
  38. The lady’s voice on my nav system kind of freaks me out.
  39. I own an old school Sega Genesis. I bought it on eBay in college.
  40. I am a night owl to the max.
  41. I am NOT a morning person at all. I hate waking up.
  42. I am really blessed to have a boss who is not a morning person either.
  43. I think I would die if I had a job where I actually had to be in the office by 8am.
  44. I have never been able to sleep in cars or on airplanes
  45. This makes long road trips and international flights absolutely miserable
  46. I built nap time into my schedule my Freshman year of college
  47. I love anything that can be tracked in a spreadsheet. Having all the cells line up and balance makes me really happy.
  48. About 40% of my dreams have a tornado in them. Most have more than one.
  49. I love getting all dressed up and going to black tie affairs. It makes me feel beautiful and glamorous.
  50. I hate getting dressed in normal clothes. I feel uncool and like I don’t ever have anything cute to wear.
  51. I usually wear t-shirts because of this. At least everyone KNOWS I’m not trying to look cute in a t-shirt
  52. Going straight from undergrad to grad school is one of the smartest decisions I have ever made
  53. I will let a bug crawl across my living room floor rather than killing it. I’m not scared of them or a big Bug’s Rights activist or anything…I just can’t handle the “crunch” noise that it makes when you step on them.
  54. I am a very nostalgic person
  55. I bought every episode of Strawberry Shortcake about 2 years ago.
  56. I am currently collecting Berenstain Bears books and want to own all of them by the time I have kids.
  57. My great uncle Edgar called me “Gigglin Gertie” when I was little
  58. I still can’t do or say much without starting to laugh
  59. People at work comment about the fact that I am happy all the time
  60. That is one of the greatest compliments I have ever gotten
  61. I can make big decisions with confidence, but will freak out if someone asks me to choose a restaurant.
  62. I love to cook and I’m actually pretty good at it.
  63. I had the same 3 roommates all through college (well the first couple of years we weren’t actually roommates, but Nichole and I lived across the hall from Deb and Linds, so we might as well have been)
  64. We have plans to get together at least once a year for a Roomie Weekend. So far we’ve kept up with it!
  65. I am so proud of my dad. I think he is the smartest, most musically talented, best Christian leader, compassionate person I know.
  66. I pray all the time that I will find someone as incredible as him to marry
  67. Nearly every night after dinner (especially in the spring/summer) my dad would sit down with a box of Nilla Wafers and Peanut Butter and eat them while he watched the Rangers game.
  68. I still love Nilla Wafers and peanut butter
  69. I REALLY love baseball, especially the Rangers
  70. I have only been to 3 Rangers games this year….that is really unusual for me.
  71. I love college football but don’t really get into NFL football
  72. I am a 100% fair weather fan with Basketball. I have no interest unless the Mavericks are in the final couple of rounds of the playoffs
  73. Hockey games are entirely too cold for me to ever get into them.
  74. In the day, I am extremely cold natured and usually carry a sweater with me
  75. At night I get really hot no matter how cold I turn the A/C.
  76. I love Winter because I love wearing thick warm sweaters
  77. I love backpacking and camping
  78. My brother and I used to hate each other, but we’re really close now
  79. I played the Flute and Piccolo in high school
  80. I still play my flute every now and then for fun. Its something I was really good at (see #19)
  81. I could read before I started Kindergarten.
  82. I still love to read. Books make me really happy.
  83. I was a cheerleader all through middle school and high school
  84. It really freaks me out that people younger than me are married and having babies
  85. Please notice I didn’t say “depressed” on #84
  86. I love it when I open my blog and have tons of comments
  87. That usually only happens when I’ve made people mad on my blog
  88. I have an uncle with Down’s Syndrome
  89. I work at home half time and it is the greatest perk ever (see #41 and #50)
  90. I want a cute little dog more than anything.
  91. I’m way too busy to have a dog right now.
  92. I’m considering getting a kitten instead.
  93. I am a compulsive email checker. I feel like I’m missing out on something when I don’t check it frequently
  94. I am addicted to sodas…especially Dr. Pepper
  95. For some reason, I am really easy to interrupt. It happens all the time…I can never finish a story
  96. As soon as #95 gets discussed in a group (usually after I’m in part 5 of a story b/c I’ve been interrupted so much), when I start talking again, at least one person always interrupts me on purpose as a joke. They think its hilarious.
  97. It’s really not.
  98. My nicknames: Em, Emmy Gail (reserved for my mom only), Emilizer, Tate, Tater, Tatertot, Tatums, ET Phone Home, Emilia, Emilio
  99. I love meeting new people
  100. I am training to run a half-marathon with some friends.
I'm supposed to tag some people now and I'm about to tag three people who I doubt will ever do this, but I really wish would because it would be incredibly interesting: Ryan Inlow, Trey Laminack, and Lindsey Holder.


Ryan said...

I will do it, but only because i've never been "tagged" before.

I just have no idea how I'm gonna come up with that many.

Anonymous said...

Don't get a dog. Definitely don't get a kitten - they become cats. If you have to have a pet. Get tropical fish. In two years, you can either thank me or tell me how right I was. Your choice.
Guess Who?

Emily said...

But I can't pet a tropical fish Dad!

Daniel & Zoe's Mommy said...

that's funny your dad signed it "Guess Who" and isn't that the name of their band?? hahahahaha!

if it isn't I feel incredibly stupid......or do I??

Emily said... is the Guess What band. :)

Ryan said...

My favs of yours are 13, 21, 44-45, 56, 65, 78 and 95-97.

p.s. I've finished mine.

hr said...

Great post! This was super-interesting (fascinated by the Berenstein Bears them).

Get a kitten! Actually, get 2. They do better with friends if you're busy.

Bogle said...

LOVED IT! Its long, but interesting. You better comment on my blog, promise if won't freak me out. I read yours all the time. I think you should get a cat. They are so easy. They just sit around and sleep and you can leave them alone for days at a time.

stacey4 said...

Loved It!!! I'm so inspired by your "List of 100 things to do".

Ashley said...

Thank you for writing this! It was definitely as interesting as I had hoped. I feel good about that fact that I can honestly say I knew many of these things. My comments:
*I'm still bummed about the fact that the Amazing Race thing fizzled out. I had my "Go Team Tate" shirt all ready!

*Yes, watching a soap opera...especially Y and the R.. does = to you being a nerd. :)

*I had never noticed that your eyes are red in most pictures, but now that you mention it... :)

Love you, Em and all of your 100 quirks!! Gimme a call SOON!

Ashley N said...

Loved it! I could have easily written 25-28 for me too!

Trey Laminack said...

Drat I've been tagged. I'll get to this when enough people have commented on my current post. I hate to bury it below a long list.