Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's time for another....

Good Idea:
Volunteering to play a "trivia game" at a work function, answering questions about a few corny skits that are supposed to inform employees about different initiatives and such, and actually WINNING!! (I won an oh-so-fun Sabre Airline Solutions gym bag)

Bad Idea:
Missing a question about halfway through whose answer is....MY OWN PRODUCT!! That's right, I missed a question about the two delivery methods for our products - local install vs. eMergo ASP solutions. At this point one VP laughed and said "What product do you work for Emily???" I said "Well I used to work for eMergo..." and then my VP chimed in with "I would like to announce that I have a resource up for grabs if anyone wants it!" Most embarrassing moment of my career thus far....but in my defense, the question was worded really weirdly and no one else got what the girl running the game was asking for either. :)


Melissa said...

HEY!!! thanks for the comment... we finally got the carpet dried out :)

hope you're doing well... are you coming to breakfast this year?

DeneƩ said...

It sounds like you recovered well with a good sense of humor! I would've turned bright red, ran away and never looked back. Only because I hate being in front of others like that. You're braver than I am! Glad all is going well for you!

Trey Laminack said...

ouch! I've had my professional moments where I felt like an idiot! it happens to everybody.